The Blue Collar Revival

The Blue Collar Revival and How OJT is Contributing

There is only one constant in life: change. Change is truly the only reliable constant you can depend on. Things are ever-changing, ever-moving, ever-evolving. And in the last few decades, our society has witnessed the most change that’s ever taken place in human history.

Technology has catapulted our species into a whole other realm of existence. Now, things like artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and the like, are becoming the norm; whereas, 10 years ago they were merely dreamt of.

Humanity as a whole has never been in a better position despite what some media outlets may lead you to believe. But there are areas where we need to see a revival, particularly in blue-collar industries.

These industries are what form the backbone of a strong socio-economic society and they certainly aren’t going to be the victim of being phased out by technological advances. At least not anytime in the foreseeable future or within our generation for sure.

Yet, here we are, with this massive skills-workforce gap. Millennials and Generation Z continue investing in wildly overpriced college educations getting very little return on their investments.

This is a problem because former generations that filled jobs in the workforce of blue-collar industries are retiring, along with their cozy pensions and 401k plans, etc. And now there are simply not enough skilled workers out there to fill this ever-expanding void.

That’s where OJT comes in. We are here to let you know of the plethora of options available to you, the career-seeker and provide you with the information you need to make the most informed decision about your future career path.

The following information in this article will pertain to all things related to On-the-job Training and how you can benefit from it by choosing a career that offers OJT.

Ojt Leads to Family-Sustaining Careers

Let me ask you, do you know any welders? How about electricians? Anyone in the construction industry? Now, whether you do or not, I can tell you that I certainly know many. Want to know the main commonality they all share?

They are living comfortable, quality lives! They have dirt bikes, motor homes, jet skies, real estate, all the toys! Any man or woman I know that works a skilled trade in a blue-collar industry never has a need or want they don’t fulfill.

Their children are well clothed, in good schools. They live in nice neighborhoods and have all the comforts of life afforded to them.

Do you know why? Because blue-collar industries that offer OJT provide handsome, family-sustaining wages! This is one of the first topics in regards to OJT and the blue-collar revival I wanted to elucidate upon because I think most Millenials are unaware of this.

This is made evident by the .2% static of apprentices in the U.S. labor workforce currently. There’s this myth or notion that somehow these industries are not desirable. Likely perpetuated by inflated egos caused by social media. The reality is that people in blue-collar industries are THRIVING while their peers are still paying off college loans, in-debt, and many, unemployed.

Don’t take my word for it, this information is readily available for you to verify from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Take a look at what skilled workers that benefitted from On-the-Job training are earning, the numbers don’t lie! On-the-job training is realistically synonymous with family-sustaining careers.

family sustaining careers

On the Job Training Examples

Here, at, we use the acronym with a little more versatility than your standard definition of OJT

For us, OJT is applicable to the following meanings/definitions:

  1. On-the-Job Training (obviously)
  2. Online Job Training – Job training conducted remotely with an instructor or program on the internet.
  3. Overcoming Job Transition

OJT is most often associated with On-the-Job Training and there are various forms of OJT.

Top 4 Examples of OJT

Interactive methods – Interactive methods of OJT can be extremely advantageous for the right type of learner. In short, it’s not for everyone because everyone has their own unique learning style. But for those it works for, there couldn’t be a more efficient form of training.

Small group study/interaction, role-playing, discussions, and quizzes comprise a lot of what interactive OJT is all about. Ultimately, inspiring group interaction and discussion keeps the energy high and those getting trained engaged.

Instructor-led classroom training – Tried and true, instructor-led, classroom style training will always be effective for OJT. It’s one of the preferred methods of companies and organizations to train employees with a bulk of their OJT hours dedicated to classroom training.

Again, this varies and depends heavily on the learner being taught, but classroom style training is most utilized for OJT due to its efficaciousness. It builds comradery between trainer, trainee and fellow trainees. Sometimes, the connections made in classroom style settings are ones that last a lifetime.

Hands-on training – Hands-on OJT is always my personal favorite due to my learning style. I’m a very visual learner, so seeing things done first, enable me to mimic them much easier and faster.

In a recent poll taken, 52% of adults claimed that hands-on OJT is all their preferred learning style. Active participation, hands-on OJT isn’t for everyone. It does pose a problem for some, which is why it’s the trainers’ job to identify the best training methods per trainee

Online Job Training – This is the form of OJT that is continuously improving and expanding. Also, utilized by around 78% of employers according to recent polls. It offers versatility to both the trainer and trainee. Online Job Training provides the value of an instructor-led OJT program and Interactive OJT all in one study environment.

OJT jobs

On the Job Training Advantages

I don’t think it’s difficult to conceive the many advantages associated with OJT. My only difficulty would be finding any disadvantages that could possibly come from OJT. It is literally a win/win for career-seekers, employees and even employers!

For those of you who may not have had direct experience with OJT and reaped the benefits, the following advantages I associate with OJT are based on my collective experience of years in the field as well as those of my colleagues.

  1. Learning made-easy – All tools required for your success are provided to you. You receive the support of your trainer and fellow trainees as you master the craft of your chosen career path. An OJT environment is designed with only your success in mind, which makes success and then later, mastery, much more obtainable.
  2. Earn While You Learn – This is easily the most appealing advantage of all. You’re not going broke like a starving musician on the streets of LA, California hoping for a gig. You’re out mastering a craft and getting paid while doing it!
  3. Hands-on learning – for a vast majority of learners, this is the number one way for them to learn and retain knowledge. Going through the motions in an educational environment is extremely effective for learning a new craft.

OJT Jobs

The beautiful thing about OJT is that it’s applicable to virtually all industries and occupations. That provides career seekers like yourself with an abundance of opportunities. Similarly, OJT provides employers with the huge value of having a more skilled workforce that performs tasks more effectively and efficiently

While there is a vast multitude of OJT jobs to choose from, I’ve narrowed down my top 10 personal favorite occupations that offer OJT. Ultimately, it comes down to your individual traits and talents that will likely become the deciding factor of what OJT Job you go with so I suggest conducting some of your own research

Top OJT Jobs

  1. HVAC – Heating and air conditioning is industry/ occupation that you can always rely on having some quality OJT. As far as we know so far, there will always be seasons of the year. Therefore, HVAC technicians will always be in demand for those brutal winters and scorching summers.
  2. Plumbing –  Another occupation that almost always offers OJT and we don’t foresee and artificial intelligence/ robot being able to fulfill this role anytime soon. As long as there are new homes being built and people are using toilets, there will be a need for a plumber.
  3. IronWorker –  Ironworkers get phenomenal OJT as they’re starting out with a handsome pay that scales as your skills improve to match. Ironworkers typically have great benefits and a career path for life.
  4. Sales –  Here’s an occupation not always associated with OJT but I can attest to its usefulness. Morning “batting cages” making sales calls in front of a group of people that all take notes to critique you after are nerve-racking but an excellent example of an OJT Job.
  5. Manufacturing – OJT is crucial in the manufacturing industry!

ojt programs

On-the-Job Programs

Ojt is most often a “hire-first” program where companies are compensated for providing trainees an earn while you learn opportunity. Some employees, especially in entry-level positions, simply won’t possess all the skills required to be an asset to the company they work for. So, employers invest in OJT programs. On-the-Job training programs within a company typically aren’t blue collar jobs and reside primarily in tech industries.

As an example, there may be employees at a company that knows HTML, CSS, and Javascript. As the company evolves, so does its need for its employees to acquire new skills. That when they may hire and OJT trainer to come in and teach a select group of employees Python or Ruby on rails.

Another example of an OJT Program is when Governor John Kitzhaber invested millions of dollars into WorkSource. This system created support in On-the-Job training for the unemployed through a program called Back to Work Oregon.

Ojt Trainer

There are many questions in life that we may never find the answer to. Like, what came first, the chicken or the egg? If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is there to hear it, did it make a sound when it fell?

While the truth of those questions may never be discovered, one thing is certain, there is no OJT training without an OJT Trainer. It is the trainer’s job to develop curriculum, discern their students learning styles and keep their trainees engaged for an enriching OJT program.

Regardless of any of the OJT examples, I provided earlier in this article, an OJT Trainer is always going to involved in some capacity or another.

After all, the blind cannot be lead by the blind. In the same sense, a person with years of knowledge and expertise is required to bestow their knowledge upon their constituents.

Even with online job training, these programs are led by an industry professional by-way of an interactive video or something of the sort. Therefore, the OJT trainer is the pinnacle of on the job training because, without them, there is no OJT training

On the Job Training Process

There is no one single codified OJT process because OJT is meant to be customized and tailored for whatever industry and occupations it’s being utilized in. An OJT trainer employs different tactics of teaching dependant on what the OJT training requires.

A trainee working in the construction industry as an apprentice will have a vastly different experience compared to that of a trainee in the tech industry. But no matter the industry or occupation, earn while you learn is always going to be synonymous with any OJT training process.

The OJT process will almost always entail some sort of classroom style education and hands-on training. And increasingly likely, some online training is included as well.

Benefits of on the Job Training for Employers

Ah, yes now we’ve arrived at the advantages employers reap from OJT. Now, this article is mainly intended for the career seeker so that’s who I imagine will mostly read this. But, for the entrepreneurial individuals out there I implore you to look beyond your current station in life.

Careers that offer OJT lead to family-sustaining careers with handsome wages. At the same time, they also open doors for advancement, and the sky is the limit! So there’s no harm in envisioning yourself in a leading position at a company, with your feet kicked up on a desk calling shots someday.

With the power of positive attraction, you can will this into existence someday. So with that in mind, it’s only proper to be cognizant of the numerous advantages OJT can provide you as an employer.

Top Advantages of OJT for Employers

  1. Mitigate losses due to mismanaged time on behalf of the employee – With a custom OJT program for your employees, you provide them with the most relevant, targeted, concise, easy-to-use tools for them to gain the skills you need them to have. And this saves time, which translates to you saving money.
  2. Enhanced Production – the more skilled and competent your employee is, the more productive they can be and get things done in a time efficient manner. Greater production capacity per employee = $$$
  3. Team Building and comradery amongst employees – when you put likeminded individuals together that share a common goal they need to work towards, this improves interoffice relations amongst your employees. Having a positive working environment is essential to the success of a company because happy employees usually equal good employees. Positive energy stimulated by comradery in the workplace that OJT programs enhance is always a positive thing!

Here at we firmly believe in the value OJT provides individuals and companies. This is derived from our personal experiences and the experiences of our team members. It is our goal to bring you all-things OJT, soon-to-be on a global scale, and we’d love for you to join the community in our endeavors to help share the value with OJT. Also, our blog section is updated regularly with fresh content and if you’d like to read some relevant articles, click here.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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