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Data Science Training

SQL Scripting Essentials

This two-day, instructor-led SQL training class will give you the skills to write simple and complex queries using SQL (Structured Query Language) statements to retrieve results from a database. You will know how to query database tables and manipulate the results from a variety of databases like Microsoft Access, Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL. This course features units on:

I. What is Structured Query Language (SQL)?
II. Selecting Data
III. Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables
IV. Using Criteria in SQL Statements
V. Generating Totals Using SQL
VI. Generating Calculated Fields Using SQL
VII. Unions, Subqueries, and More Joins
VIII. Action Queries
IX. Advanced SQL Functions
X. Conditional Queries


Power BI Introduction – Reports and Dashboards

This one-day, instructor-led Microsoft Power BI class introduces you to data analysis and visualization using the Power BI dashboard and reporting features. You will understand how to work with various datasets and learn basic data scrubbing techniques. This course features units on:

I. Introduction to the Power BI Desktop
II. Introduction to Business Intelligence
III. Introduction to Data Analysis
IV. Introduction to Data Visualization
V. Working with Datasets
VI. Introduction to Reports
VII. Creating Dashboards

Power BI Advanced – Dashboards & Data Analysis

This two-day, instructor-led Power BI class gives participants the advanced knowledge how to build and service more sophisticated dashboards and reports. You will be able to manipulate data from different sources and present and share your analysis using visualization tools. This course features units on:

I. Data Analysis Using Self-Service BI
II. Connecting Data Sources
III. Data Transformation
IV. Data Modeling and Shaping
V. Creating Reports & Data Visualization
VI. Publishing, Sharing and Collaborating


Tableau Desktop Introduction (Part 1)

This two-day, instructor-led Tableau class teaches users how to connect to a wide range of data sources and allows users to quickly create visualizations of connected data to gain insights, show trends, and create reports. Tableau’s data connection capabilities and visualization features go far beyond those that can be found in spreadsheets, allowing users to create compelling and interactive worksheets, dashboards, and stories that bring data to life and turn data into thoughtful action. This course features units on:

I. Tableau Fundamentals
II. Connecting to and Preparing Data
III. Exploring Data
IV. Managing, Sorting, and Grouping Data
V. Saving, Publishing, and Sharing Data
VI. Filtering Data
VII. Customizing Visualizations
VIII. Creating Dashboards in Tableau
IX. Creating Stories in Tableau


Tableau Desktop Advanced (Part 2)

This two-day, instructor-led Tableau class teaches students how to create more advanced data driven visualizations in Tableau. You will learn how to manipulate data with calculations to show insights, make visualizations interactive, and perform statistical analysis. You will walk away with the ability to create and share stunning data driven insights with peers, executives, and clients. This course features units on:

I. Blending Data from Multiple Sources
II. Joining Data
III. Accessing Data in PDFs
IV. Refining Visualizations with Sets and Parameters
V. Analyzing Data with Calculations
VI. Visualizing Data with Advanced Calculations
VII. Performing Statistical Analysis and Forecasting
VIII. Creating Geographic Visualizations
IX. Getting Answers with Ask and Explain


Automating with Python

This three-day, instructor-led Python class will show you how to use Python to write programs that do in minutes what would take you hours to do manually, and you can attend this class with no prior programming experience. You will learn the basics of Python and explore Python’s rich library of modules for performing specific tasks like scraping data off websites, input validation, reading PDF and Word documents, automating Excel and CSV files, automating Gmail and Google Sheets, and automating clicking and typing tasks. This course features units on:

I. Search for Text in A File or Across Multiple Files
II. Create, Update, Move, Rename Files & Folders
III. Search the Web & Download Online Content
IV. Update & Format Data in Excel Spreadsheets Of Any Size
V. Split, Merge, Watermark, And Encrypt Pdfs
VI. Send Email Responses & Text Notifications
VII. Fill Out Online Forms



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