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How Ox Can Help You Find a Job in Sacramento and Surrounding Areas

Ox is changing the way people get jobs. Ox believes the process of finding a job today is broken. People spend countless hours writing a resume, writing cover letters, browsing open jobs online.

The next step is trying to figure out which jobs match their skills, applying online with the same information again and again and finally doing all of that every day and spending many days not hearing back from anyone. It’s a cycle that is frustrating, broken and needs to change.

Here at Ox, we believe that the way people get jobs is through other people. The value and importance of networking are often overlooked.

Ask anyone you know and it’s likely they got their job through someone they knew. To start, Ox is changing the way people get jobs by pairing job seekers with guides, or job coaches, who have been in similar jobs and have used similar skills to navigate a career path with growth potential.

Ox Will Guide You On How to Get a Job

Successful workers have many guides, or job coaches, throughout their career to help them make good decisions in the job they have and in choosing which jobs to select in the future as they progress through their career. Ox is replicating this pattern for everyone so that people earlier in their career and in all types of professions have access to job coaches, not just the highest paid sector of the market.

Ox guides are available to text chat any time of the day, every day, to provide guidance in your current job and to help you think through the type of job that matches your skill set and offers growth potential in the future. Sometimes you need to make a quick decision on the job. A great example of this would be deciding if you should talk to your manager or someone in HR about a new job posting.

Advice on the Best Approach to Talking to Your Employer about a Promotion

You may want help deciding what to say to your boss when talking about promotion. An Ox guide can offer quick advice over text chat and then work with you more in-depth over time to get to the best possible outcome. Don’t wait to ask, you can start a conversation easily through a quick text chat.

Ox guides are your personal job coaches. We believe that the process of finding a job today doesn’t work. The company receiving your job application uses an automated system that may eliminate you without ever knowing you well or knowing enough about your job skills.

Ox guides want to know your story – who you are, where you come from, what skills you’ve developed over time, what you like to do and what you don’t like to do. Then they can help you use your skills to get from where you are today to a job that is a good fit, offers some of the daily tasks you like to do and has growth potential.

Our guides work with you weekly during 15-minute video coaching sessions to learn about you. Then they help you put together a short story you can use to tell people about your skills and what you are looking for next.

Keys to Success in Finding New Job Opportunities in Sacramento

We believe helping people is the key to opening up job opportunities, especially in Sacramento, California. Ox guides work with you to practice meeting new people and telling your story so that people you meet in your daily life and in your job search are encouraged to help you.

Most people find jobs through other people – one key to opening up new job opportunities is to talk to as many helpful people as you can. Our guides coach you on the steps to meeting helpful people. You can easily schedule a video coaching session through the Ox calendar.  

Ox guides help you match your skills to the skills that in-demand jobs seek. For example, let’s say you are in retail and want to know the types of jobs that could benefit from skills you’ve developed in task management, problem-solving and customer service. You may not realize that your retail skills provide a great foundation for jobs in Customer Success and Marketing.

Determine What Industries Best Suit Your Current Skill Sets

Jobs in Customer Success and Marketing continue to increase in many industries including technology, manufacturing, and financial services. Entry level jobs in these industries offer good pay and the opportunity to get on a career path with growth potential.

You can rely on Ox to work with you to create a step by step action plan to get you on the path to a great job. Your action plan may include steps like listing your job skills, listing your personal skills such as working well with others, crafting your personal story and meeting helpful people.

Career Coaching from Seasoned Professionals

They can also help find specific jobs in your area to pursue based on your skills and help you get introduced to helpful people at those companies. We believe that breaking down the job search process into smaller steps helps make the process easier and more attainable.

The guides we provide here at Ox are helpful people who are experts in their field and have invested their time at work coaching, others to become successful in their own right.

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Features and Benefits of Allowing Ox to Help You along Your Career Path

They’ve shared their tips and tricks on how to navigate to great jobs with others. They want to help people who are early in their career, in a job without long term growth potential or are looking to take their skills to the next level in a job that is a great fit.

They want more people to have access to job opportunities that might otherwise be hard to get because their resume isn’t perfect or because they haven’t met people who can help open doors.

Simply put, the playing field isn’t level. Though unemployment is low, many workers are underemployed or stuck in jobs that don’t offer long term growth potential.

Join Ox today and help build the solution that changes the way people get jobs and puts everyone’s hard-earned skills to work.

Career seekers find the hottest skills training here on from over 30,000 schools and companies offering OJT programs.

Here at OJT, we love everything Ox is doing and that’s why we are proud to feature this blog about them. Our missions are very similar, as we both share a passion for helping career seekers. Looking for specific information on states and industries? Take a look at our state and industry pages for additional information that may help you on your career path.


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