Design Your Own Logo

How to Design Your Own Logo

There are many ways to describe the process of creation. For this purpose, we will use the term design.

Ideas are the source of all things in creation. A Design is simply a method in which to present the idea, it is an impartation that can manifest in various forms but the most known and widely accepted form is a logo for example. To sum it up I’ve coined the phrase “Every design starts with an idea.”

I will provide an example here of an idea that I generated in the form of a logo.

The Initial concept is that each individual has their own unique genetic makeup down to the fingerprint. This is what makes each of us an individual.

I placed a fingerprint in my brand

Justin Jerome designs logo with a magnifying glass to demonstrate the uniqueness of each design that I create. Whenever you see this logo you will know the design was created with my right hand.

Designing Visuals in a Video Is a Great Way to Make an Idea Appear

Designing visuals in a video is a great way to make an idea appear. This form of visual communication can be applied to education for example.  I could put this information in the form of text for one to read. However, I could also visually communicate with a video representation.

Integrating both methods is a great way for the reader or viewer to fully comprehend the ideation.

I will provide an example of an idea that I generated in the form of a video.

In this video representation, I successfully communicated the elements of logo design and what makes a good logo.

What the viewer is able to see in the video is the result of much diligence and a comprehensive arrangement of scenes

And specific scripted information.

The camera captures the message but there are several factors that cannot be neglected or the visual communication would not be effective.

For example, the quality of the camera is going to determine the clarity of the audio and video. The audio can be enhanced with the use of an external microphone but the kind is also important because it needs to be able to amplify the voice that is trying to communicate. Camera positioning is important and having the proper lighting and domain/situation is equally imperative.

To draw a scripted storyboard doesn’t require any external equipment other than your imagination and something to draw with. This is a way to create a guide that will provide a reference to measure the success of the video visual communication.

In this video example, I provided the elements of logo design and gave a description of what makes a good logo

The three characteristics of a good logo are:

  1.  Practicality -realistic and workable
  2.  Memorability – mindful and unforgettable
  3.  Timelessness- unvarying and long lasting

In this example I also provided the 3 basic categories of logo design which are:

  1. Work mark – signature
  2. Pictorial – illustrated and clarified
  3. Abstract- symbolic but not realistic

I provided an example here of how to successfully communicate completely beginning with an idea formed into a logo and then applying the Initial design to more advanced visual communication in the form of a video. This will help educate the reader or viewer to be able to comprehend and retain this information.

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