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Apprenticeships and Training in Alabama

Features and Benefits of Apprenticeship Programs in Alabama

Apprenticeships are an employee training system that’s tested within a certain amount of time. Apprenticeships combine on-the-job (OJT) and classroom related directives with structured on-the-job learning experiences. These activities take place while under the supervision of a craft professional in which trainees/workers grasp the practical and theoretical facets of a highly trained professional.

There are many benefits of going through the apprenticeship process. Apprentices acquire skills & in-depth industry understanding through training while being paid on the- job, which allows them to be far more advanced in pursuing a great career!

Being able to earn while you gain knowledge/skill is by far the most inspiring, what’s not inspiring about it?

While the Apprenticeship program requires applicants to be between 16 & 18 years of age at least in order to apply, there is no upper age limit for those 30-40 and older seeking a second career, even after retirement they can seek that new career through the U.S Government’s Registered Apprenticeship training program.

Mobile Electricians JATC

Established in the year 1957, IEC is a trade alliance representing more than 3,300 members with 50 chapters nationwide. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, IEC is the nation’s leading trade association that represents America’s independent electrical and systems contractors.

IEC National works with the industry to establish a competitive environment for the merit shop – a philosophy that promotes the notion of free enterprise, open competition, and monetary opportunity for all.

With the history of training over 1000 apprentices to who are now qualified to work in their specific trade and over 100 apprentices presently in their training program, the Mobile Electricians Joint Apprenticeship & Training Program, a nonprofit linked partnership between the NECA and IBEW, is just an illustration of what a successful training program should be.

The cost of the trainee’s textbooks is one of the key facets of the Training Program, in which the cost to the trainee is the cost of their textbooks which are sold at cost, and that the Apprentice receives paid on the job training which involves scheme contracted raises and benefits.

You control your own destiny as an electrician you are in an immediate position to work in a highly technical environment. You will be on a path to lead a team that designs the buildings of tomorrow as your career beautifully blossoms and takes hold the power in your own hands by becoming a boss and starting your own company.

Entry Requirements

  • Reliable proof of age must be provided.
  • (minimum of 18 years of age)

Geographic Area

Must live in Baldwin, Choctaw, Clarke, Mobile, Monroe, or Washington County


Documentation of being a high school graduate must be provided. Having a GED, or higher you must show proof by transcript of successful completion of one full credit of high school algebra, or more advanced math with a passing grade or one post high school algebra course (i.e. Adult Education, Continuing Education, Community College, etc.) or more advanced math, or present proof of having completed the NJATC Online Math Course successfully.

Driver’s License

Must have a valid Alabama Driver’s License.

Other Requirements

Applicants are required to submit: (Copies of all but transcripts)

  1. Copy of High school Diploma or GED Equivalency Certificate and all records.
  2. Copy of birth certificate or other acceptable age verification
  3. Official transcript of high school and post high school education & training.
  4. Veteran’s discharge records (DD-214), if applicable and you wish to receive consideration for training.
  5. An applicant is required to do a drug screen test if selected and is required to past. A Doctor’s statement that they can perform construction type work must be provided.

Applicants may qualify for advanced placement for documented past Electrical Construction work and/or post high school Electrical Classroom training.

Applicants may apply in person or Mail Completed Application.

All applicants will be selected without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Contact Information                                                                            

  • E-mail Contact:
  • Mobile Electricians JATC
  • 2244 Halls Mill Road
  • Mobile, AL 36606
  • PHONE: (251) 476-0275
  • FAX:  (251) 450-0957


Iron Workers Local No. 92 was chartered on February 23, 1906.  J. R. Fox was President with R. S. Skidmore as Financial Secretary.

Their first picture to appear in the Iron Worker Magazine (The Bridgeman back then) came off a job for the Birmingham Railway placed a coal conveyor.  Some members of the team were:  Farmer Jones, Flatwheel McManus, R. S. Skidmore and Wait a Minute Kelly.

In 1907 we did our first bridge job.  It was 1,200 feet long and 187 feet off the surface and was built at Bear Creek, Alabama. $0.50 per hour was the scale at that time.

Their first representative to the Convention was John DeGallford. The first high rise Local No. 92 built in Birmingham was the 16 story Empire Building.

The building topped out at 192’ tall 50’ wide and 100’ long.  The job took only 23 days.

Iron Workers Local almost lost their charter in 1910 – 1912 as the membership fell from 62 down to 8.  You must have 7 to keep your Charter.  Our first $1,000,000.00 (1 million dollars) job came in 1912 as Local No. 92 helped to build the 12 story Roden Hotel and also a structure that is still standing strong today and is a landmark for our City, the 12 story Tutwiler Hotel.

Scale (wages) at that time were $0.564 per hour.

About the Training

This program begins with Discrimination/ Harassment education and Training, OSHA Subpart R, Lead Hazard Training, First Aid/CPR, MSHA 24 “New Miner Training”, Fall Protection Training, Survival of the Fittest/Standard of Excellence, Aerial Lift Training, Silica Hazard Training, OSHA 10 hr. in Construction, & Orientation for Iron Workers.

Students then go through an orientation class to learn everything about the trade, the names of tools, how they operate and how to use them.

All potential members must complete a comprehensive four (4) year apprentice training program. This program is designed to educate their members in every way shape and form of the Iron Working trade.

If you come in with prior experience, you’re given credit for such experience under the conditions that you’re able to complete & pass a practical exam in those areas in which you’re claiming your experience.

Requirements for Entry

  • Must be of required age (18)
  • Must be legally allowed to work in the US
  • Birth certificate required
  • Social security card
  • High School Diploma, GED. (transcript of your grades)
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Good work ethic
  • Positive attitude
  • Ability to pass random drug and alcohol tests
  • Reliable transportation
  • Must have a phone that’s reliable
  • Ability to meet the requirements for the chosen trade

Before starting the application process, you must pass a drug screen test. The first drug test will cost you $30.00 (cash or check) at the drug testing facility.

You are required to pass a drug screen before starting the application process. You will receive a phone call to come in for an informational meeting with the training Director once you’ve completed the application.

Once the informational meeting is completed, and you understand what will be expected of you, then the registration fee is accepted.

Contact Information                             

Apprentice Office                                               

  • 2828 4th Avenue South
  • Birmingham, Alabama 35233
  • Phone: 205-323-4551
  • Fax: 205-323-2831

Union Office

  • 2828 4th Avenue South
  • Birmingham, Alabama 35233
  • Phone: 205-251-3372
  • Fax: 205-226-7111


The Boilermakers National Joint Apprenticeship Fund was established in November of the year 1959 to produce a national program for Boilermakers training of the future.

The union grew out of the Industrial Revolution and the demand for steam power. Organized in 1880, they are one of the most aged unions in the United States of America.

Their headquarters are based in Kansas City, Kansas (since the year of 1893) and have been of service more than two hundred local lodges across North America.

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers is a diverse union that represents workers throughout the United States and Canada. Their members are employed in heavy industry, railroads, shipbuilding, manufacturing, mining shipbuilding, cement, manufacturing, & connected industries.

They construct and repair refineries, electric power plants, steel mills, & pulp and paper mills. Building commercial tankers and naval ships, repair locomotives, mine coal, make cement, and gypsum and talc.

This tool they forged for industry and make consumer goods.

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must meet all the following qualifications at the minimum
  • Age – Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Applicants are required to submit proof of age documentation.
  • Applicants are required to do a drug screen test

Education Requirements

Applicants must have graduated high school or provide evidence of education that is of equivalent attainments, such as successful having completed their GED. A copy of a high school transcript or an official report of the GED test result must be submitted by all applicants.

Contact Information


The United Association of Plumbers & Steamfitters Local Union No. 52 is located in Montgomery, Alabama and was chartered on December 7th of 1905. They have over 100 years of excellence in the plumbing and pipefitting industry. Local 52 members pride themselves as being the best tradesmen in the South.

With the aim of humility and mutual protection, to be each other’s keeper just remuneration for their labor, assist in the burial of our members who are deceased, to build and use every effort honorably to secure passage and implementation of such laws that give a more pleasant living and to the protection of the public health

Their goal is to sort throughout the industry and to turn non-union employers into responsible, reliable and feasible union employers. Their journeymen and apprentices are trained to the highest degree possible.

Local Union No. 52 Apprenticeship Training School is registered and is of consent by the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship & Training. Our journeyman and apprentices are taught by United Association Instructors who are certified, who attend forty hours each summer above a period of five years to acquire their certification in a wide diversity of processes, include; HVAC, welding, valve repair, pipefitting, plumbing, and backflow prevention.

Working the combination of apprentices with journeyman provides them on-the-job training (OJT), along with their classroom training.

Contact Info



Since the year 2008, Ballistic Agency has been deeply embedded in the digital presence of its clients, working hard to grow brand recognition, sales, & operational efficiency. They manage the brands of several mid-sized national companies and are their chief problem solvers for digital advancement. Working very closely with their customers to accomplish their specific marketing & sales goals.

They have a relaxed office environment, but their workload necessitates precision and timely conveyance of the components necessary to make their clients’ goals into a reality. Every employee goes through personal development training and gets a lot of guidance and one on one time with the owner.

Ballistic Agency helps their clients and team members reach their fullest potential, and that’s what ballistics wants to do for you (hopefully that’s what you want to do that for yourself!).

If you’re a talented web developer with a great deal of potential, you’re passionate for all things digital, and you think that there’s a chance you can learn from Ballistic, but you don’t have the necessary experience to show off your skills in your portfolio, then Ballistic Agency’s Apprenticeship Program (BAAP) may be for you.

BAAP is a 3 months apprenticeship training program for web developers. You will work side by side with skilled team members and be mentored in high-level digital initiatives by their team, which comprise of their Project Manager, Director, and from time to time, Ballistic.

Their goal is to help position you for full-time employment with an establishment, whether that may be another company or Ballistic.

BAAP supplies you the necessary skill growth portfolio, & professional reference at the end of your apprenticeship to help you land a full-time position


HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite

Contact Information

Apprentice training allows young people the opportunity and experience to further progress down a career path they have chosen.

This means that the employers can groom and train apprentices until you are fully experienced and reliable part of the staff, increasing the possibilities of you staying on with the business that they have chosen

There is a lot to gain from going through Apprenticeship training and nothing to lose. Working alongside a workforce that is fully experienced all while you gain the knowledge and skills that’s going to guide you to future employment.

Career seekers trust to find their career for the future.

Top Alabama Apprenticeships

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