Apprenticeships help with keeping skilled workers in Montana and training the workforce of the future. Since 2010, 89% of the apprentices that graduated, are currently working for an employer in Montana.

The length of training usually runs for 3-4 years to completion, depending on your profession, but an apprentice is offered an hourly wage while gaining hands-on knowledge/ skills alongside a mentor or a journeyman.

In the year 2006, 1,308 apprentices earned around $15.57 per hourly wages midway through a 4- year apprenticeship program and received multiple raises before completion. All together apprentices in Montana made an annual total of $32,385.60, or $3,200 monthly. Which is more than the average Montana worker. In 2006 registered apprentices earned in total, $42,360,364 in wages.

In the year 2006, 1331 apprentices who finished their training in the previous ten years were still working in Montana earning sixty-three million in wages. All together with a retention rate of 83 percent of apprentices that remained in the workforce of Montana.

In total the income calculated was $104,893,804 with the existing registered. The wages earned by apprentices & apprentice graduates had a $420 million impact on local economies in Montana.

Schine Electric   

Schine Electric and Bear Paw Technologies compliment each other by offering electrical systems, low voltage systems (data, telephone, and security), technology services and products, and fire alarm systems. One call to their office can take care of all of your electrical and technological needs.

Schine Apprenticeship Program

The electrical company is a sponsor of one of the available apprenticeship training programs for individuals interested in working in the electrical field. If you are accepted as an apprentice you’ll receive a salary OJT (On-the-Job training). 

Other training that is required  (such as classroom training) will also be provided at no cost to the apprentice.  An apprentice will need to be able to effectively execute the duties required of them during each facet of the electrical apprenticeship.

The employer’s eligibility is based on his/her volume to provide a wide scope of experience at the workplace necessary for an apprentice to achieve training to a journeymen level, & to be able to provide a safe working environment and willingness to abide by the program standards established for apprenticeship training.

Qualifications for apprentice entry :

  • 18 years of age or older
  • High school GED or diploma   
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Physical ability to perform the duties required by the occupation
  • A strong math background isn’t required but necessary for course work completion

The Apprenticeship and Training Program, as well as the Montana Department of Labor and Industry, maintain on-going goals and objectives.

Contact Information

  • Address: 3070 2nd Street West Havre, Montana 59501
  • Phone;   (406) 945-2830  (406) 265-6900
  • Website:


The Boilermakers Local #11 is a local lodge of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers, Iron Ship Builders,  which is referred to as the Boilermakers Union.

They’re a construction lodge that was established on January 1st, the year  1982 located in East Helena, Montana their lodge represents around 200 workers throughout Montana and the United States.

They are a diverse union that represents workers throughout the United States and Canada in repair, industrial construction, and maintenance; manufacturing; shipbuilding & marine repair; railroads; mining and quarrying; cement kilns; and related industries.

With its headquarters in Kansas City, Kansas, they unite over 250 local lodges throughout North America, providing a great number of services for local lodges and individuals and uniting all their members in their common venture to improve the lives and lifestyles of their members.

Program Requirements:

  • Related Studies (Correspondence Course)
  • Apprentices are required to submit tests and receive passing grades for all forty-eight (48)
  • Forty-eight (48) lessons, each having a written examination, constitutes the compulsory
  • studies program for the Boilermaker Apprentices.
  • lessons. To access and complete these lessons please log onto the Learning Management

Contact Info



When it comes to qualified pipe tradesmen and women, the UA has the longest industrial track record for training and nurturing these individuals. They offer premium programs that provide, intricate instructor training (5 years), extensive journeyman training, apprenticeship training (5 years) and many other certification programs.

UA assists its signatory contractors in market share growth by, highlighting the possible pathways of improvement, providing support and allowing them to connect to a workforce of individuals that are the safest, most skilled and highly trained in the industry holistically crafted for competence.

UA Education and Training Department has a mission to provide the United Association local unions with the necessary educational tools for, adequate development of their apprentice and journeypersons’ skills.

By satisfying their members’ training needs, UA maximizes their chances of employment while preparing them for an ever-evolving industry. Committed to providing training opportunity coverage across North America, they seek to instill in their members, skills that will produce longevity as it relates to competitiveness and relevance in the industry, regardless of an individual’s geographic location.

The UA is, therefore, determined to strike a balance of objectives by, simultaneously sustaining the piping industry’s needs, increasing the probability of employment for members and fulfilling their duty to beneficiaries of the International Training Fund, which is jointly administered by UA and their contractual partners.

The first nationally registered apprentice program was under the United Association in the year 1936. The role of an apprentice isn’t to be taken likely, as the individual has to work identical hours as a journeyman, while also having the responsibility of attending classes.

For an individual that has a passion for the piping trade and would like to be a member of a proud and noble trade union, this career path would be an excellent choice.

As a UA apprentice, you’ll spend 5 years of hard work and dedication, both In the classroom and on-the-job. This is more than just another 4-year college degree, as an apprentice what you learn in the classroom is reinforced in the field.

Trades offered at the UA


  • An Applicant for the  Apprenticeship must be at least eighteen (18) years of age. There is no maximum age.
  • Applicant must have a high school diploma, or a G.E.D., or equivalent in most programs.
  • The applicant must be in good health and physically able to perform the work of the trade.
  • Applicants must be able to read and write the English language in order to comprehend instructions on the job and in related instruction classes.
  • Applicants must possess a current, valid driver’s license (at time of dispatch).
  • Applicants must take and pass an aptitude examination and an oral interview in most programs.

Contact Info:

  • Address: Three Park Place Annapolis, Maryland  21401
  • Phone : (410) 269-2000 / Fax: (410) 267-0262
  • Website:

Montana Carpenters Local #82

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America (UBC) is one of North America’s largest building trades unions, with over half a million members. With pride in their history of over 135-year, they continue to lead the way in training, educating, and representation for the next generation of skilled construction professionals.

While some of the tools represented in their emblem are no longer found on job sites, all of the design components and the values they represent remain vital to the Brotherhood:

Sisters in the Brotherhood

Every day, thousands of women play a censorious role in making the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America the top union in North America.

Sisters in the Brotherhood (SIB) by providing assistance in acquiring craft training and leadership skills, support female members; supporting women issues; and by being mentors to new members & even potential members.

General carpenters provide the pivotal foundation for concrete, infrastructure exteriors, roofs, & scaffolding all while crafting fine trim and finish work.

These professionals work with a diversity of materials in every kind of structure; they’re in control of bringing blueprints to life. A Carpenters earn an average yearly salary of $39,900. Wages typically start from $23,410 and go up to $58,000.

There is no discrimination of race, color, religion, national origin or sex. They take affirmative action to provide equal


  • Must be prepared to furnish your own hand tools
  • Must be at least 18 years of age (Verifiable proof of age documentation required)
  • Must be prepared to furnish your own hand tools
  • High School Diploma, G.E.D. or Hi-Set (from a US Dept of Education or CHEA accredited school)
  • Must possess basic aptitudes necessary to acquire the skills of the trade
  • Must be in such physical condition that you can safely perform the work of the trade

Contact Info

  • Address: 300 15th St. South Suite #1, Great Falls, MT 59405
  • Email:
  • Phone: 406-453-1301
  • Cell: 406-403-3744
  • Fax: 406-453-5230
  • Website:

Apprentices offer a great opportunity to progression and you are able to learn at your own pace. OJT allows you to work towards a higher level of qualifications, as your progression grows in your chosen career. higher level apprenticeships can offer a real alternative to university for the development of higher level skills.

OJT Supports the Expansion of Apprenticeships in America

Having a skilled workforce is the backbone of a countries economy. It’s been a requirement for civilization to continue to develop. And has been since the dawn of man. With the current skills gap, America is facing, OJT is doing all it can to provide information resources to career seekers in our effort to help fill the void.

For this generation of career seekers, the workforce of the future and beyond, OJT will keep the trades alive!

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