Electrician Apprenticeship in Sacramento

Sacramento Area Electrical Training Center

Why an Electrician Apprenticeship in Sacramento May Be a Good Option for You

The Sacramento Electrical Training Center provides electrician apprenticeships and continuation education for the organized electrical industry. Their mission is to make their apprentices into the best trained professional electricians prepared to meet the electrical construction needs of the Sacramento & Shasta-Butte areas.

With over seventy-five years of successfully building electrical careers in the Sacramento and Redding areas, their Training Center is the educational strength of IBEW Local 340 and NECA Sacramento. Their Training Center employs persons that are professionally certified instructors who are experts in the skills of the electrical trade. The Sacramento Electrical Training Center is one of the larger schools of its kind on the West Coast.

The Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC ) enters the 21st century with more than forty years of experience that prepares the IBEW & NECA to meet the challenges of the organized electrical industry. The JATC, the educational force of the NECA/IBEW 340, oversees the Sacramento & Shasta-Butte Electrical Apprenticeship programs. These programs hire instructors who are professionally certified and are experts in a particular craft.

It is one of the larger schools of its kind on the West Coast. The instructors are presently teaching hundreds of students to be the best trained professional electricians ready to meet the electrical workload needs of the Sacramento/Shasta-Butte areas. Their Training center, which is 16,000 square feet, consists of 6 classrooms, 1 instrumentation lab, 1 computer lab with 12 learning stations, a large conduit bending and motor control lab, an outdoor training mock-up area, and with administrative offices. Their hands-on training is their hallmark.

As an electrician many tasks are performed such as dig/work in trenches; use hand/power tools; carry tools/materials; move hefty electrical equipment; lift/fasten/position/electrical apparatus; work at different heights from scaffolds, ladders, suspension systems; crawl under floors and work in attics; work indoors or out in extremes of hot or cold, dry or wet weather; and install/troubleshoot/repair motors, transformers, electrical fixtures, and conduit.

Electric Prep and What It’s About

The Electric Prep provides online courses, crafted specifically for applicants seeking to enter the IBEW/NECA electrical apprenticeship. Their online courses are designed to better equip you for entrance into a demanding career in the industry of electrical construction.

All courses are easy to access online at ElectricPrep.com. These courses are designed to be self-taught and completed at your own pace and time from the convenience of your computer.

There is a list of offered courses you can choose from to prepare for the application process. You should learn as much as you can about the industry that you are about to apply for so that you can be ready to show with confidence the skills necessary to enter and succeed in the IBEW/NECA electrical apprenticeship program.

Electric Prep has partnered with the NJATC (National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee) to offer these courses. These online courses provide you with a better understanding of the electrical construction industry and what is required in order to be accepted into the apprenticeship program.

Electric Prep will help better prepare you for the tasks evaluated for your entry into the apprenticeship program. Electric Prep provides an enormous amount of insight in regards to the type of work an IBEW/NECA electrical worker performs and what is expected of them.


5 Benefits Of An Electrician Apprenticeship

  • You obtain necessary skills for multiple applications
  • You can earn college credits
  • You get paid while you learn new skills
  • You learn from experienced electricians
  • You stand a chance of staying on with a company based on performance

How To Apply:

  • Complete an application form; you must at least 18 years of age or older
  • Provide an official school transcript that shows your school’s seal
  • Provide two (2) forms of identification: A valid driver’s license or state identification card and one (1) of the following: birth certificate, Social Security card, or current U.S. Passport.
  • Provide a copy of your high school diploma, college degree, or GED certificate
  • Complete 1 year of high school algebra or 1 semester of college algebra with A grade of C or better, or GED passing scores.

Their Location…

2836 El Centro Rd, Sacramento, CA 95833, USA

Contact Info:  Phone: (916) 646-6688  Fax: (916) 646-0289    

Website Info; http://www.340jatc.org

How much does a certified Electrician in Sacramento take home on average?

On average, electricians in Sacramento make $26.94 per hour! Electricians are not only needed to make fast repairs and even to help with completing construction projects, but they are also essential to maintenance, working with power sources and factory work, and is one of the most in-demand trades.

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