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Month: May 2020

29 May

On-the-job training is an important operational aspect of every business, but structured on-the-job-training is vital to a company’s long-term success.  Today, most contemporary organizations have implemented some level of formal on-the-job training. Some companies launch “lunch & learn” programs where they cater lunch and bring in a speaker or conduct developmental workshops for employees. Other […]

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28 May

What Is On-The-Job-Training? On-the-job-training or OJT is a time-efficient and cost-effective method of training and developing employees, utilizing a company’s internal resources, knowledge, and talent. It is usually the principal method used for upskilling employees, increasing production, and improving efficiency. Deeply rooted within the context of psychologist Albert Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory, on-the-job-training is an […]

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27 May

Top 5 Cosmetology Schools In Chicago, Illinois If you’re someone who loves the beauty industry and wants to pursue cosmetology as a career, we’ve written this article to highlight the top Cosmetology Schools in Chicago, for you! You may be wondering, “Am I interested in entering the beauty industry, Is cosmetology a future career I […]

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27 May

Bridging America’s Skilled Labor Gap With On-The-Job-Training Two and a half years ago, I traded in my suit and tie for a hard hat and steel-toed boots. This has proven to be one of the top two best career decisions I’ve ever made. And little did I know, that I was helping to bridge skilled […]

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