In the pursuit of long-term career success, enjoyment, and fulfillment, choosing the career path that best aligns with both your natural talents and what you intrinsically value should be the foundation your career is built upon. As you begin to narrow down the list of industries and occupations that align with your natural talents and values. Head over to our State Pages, Industry Pages, and Blog to learn more about the employment outlook and projections for your targeted career path. As well as, learn which state offers you the best opportunity pursue your targeted career path. At any point, you can leverage our robust OJT Directory of over 150,000 on-the-job-training listings pointing you to vocational education, and apprenticeship program providers nationwide. Locate and communicate directly with your targeted organizations.

Investing in your own career development is paramount to advancing your career, increasing your earnings potential, and multiplying your employment prospects. By curating training courses to meet the industry knowledge requirements of your chosen career path. The Learning Center allows you to be the architect of your own career development and up-skilling. Visit the Learning Center to discover training opportunities that will help you level up your career today!

The Career Pathways Initiative is a unique program that’s has brought together higher education, vocational education, and corporate workforce development influencers to create standardized digital certification training courses with accompanying virtual reality laboratory practicums for America’s most in demand occupations. Providing an innovative and highly efficient pathway to delivering certified on-the-job-training to anyone, anywhere in the world. Upon registering, Career Pathway Initiates (CPI’s) are assigned a series of courses and laboratory practicums they must complete to earn their OJT Career Pathways Certification. CPI’s also have access to career counseling, resume writing assistance, and job placement support upon the completion of certification requirements. Register for the Career Pathways Initiative today!


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