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Tag: most in-demand jobs

07 July

The most in-demand technology jobs are projected to grow far beyond that national average. With the most in-demand technology jobs growing upwards of 32% over the next 8 years. As a whole, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the most in-demand technology jobs to grow by 12% between 2018 and 2028. Which is much faster […]

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01 July

These are difficult times for the transportation industry in North America. The pandemic has reduced economic activity and thrown consumer demand into disarray. Increasing the need for most in-demand transportation jobs. The pressure on organizations during this coronavirus pandemic has shifted from moving citizens to keeping a core transportation system operational. Doing so with only […]

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22 June

We here at OJT.com are certified data junkies. And if you’ve read any of our previous articles, including today’s blog on the most in-demand healthcare jobs. You know that we’re huge fans of the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Data USA. Where we spend an embarrassing number of hours reviewing reports, metrics, and spreadsheets. The […]

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08 June

Traditional manufacturing jobs are rapidly disappearing worldwide. Although, the manufacturing industry as a whole is projected to shrink by 0.5% there are hundreds of thousands of in-demand manufacturing jobs that will need to be filled by 2028. Lower-skilled workers in emerging markets and developing economies are bypassing manufacturing jobs as they shift from agriculture to […]

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05 June

 The average age of the American construction worker is 41.7 years old and the industry, at large, is projected to grow 1.1% over the next 10 years. The majority of the most in-demand construction jobs in America typically only require a high school diploma. The average annual salary of a worker with only a high […]

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03 June

Many Americans are being suffocated by their student loan debt which can be upwards of 2 – 3 times more than what they make in a year. This combined with the fact that there are thousands of in-demand jobs left unfilled ever year and millions unemployed. It’s hard to quantify and embrace the full value […]

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