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Excel Training Classes in California

Live Instructor-Led, Online Training Classes  in San Diego, California offers enterprises, corporations, organizations, and individual career seekers. Easy access to live instructor-led, online training classes for Excel.

Microsoft Excel is the most widely utilized program in business today used by financial and business analysts, administrative staff, project managers, data scientists, and many other careers. This powerful spreadsheet software program helps organizations and individuals track, analyze, manipulate, and display data. live instructor-led, online training classes for Excel. Offer seven levels of Excel to help make the complexities of this program easy to understand. Learn how to use formulas and functions to perform complex calculations. Create stunning graphs and charts to visually tell the story behind the data. Use macros and run scripts to automate repetitive tasks. Develop an expert understanding of VLOOKUP, Pivot Tables, and VBA. live instructor-led, online training classes for Excel. Provide the skills and confidence to make an immediate impact on productivity and efficiency. Which makes live instructor-led, online training classes for Excel. A valuable investment in the career development of your executive staff, employees, and yourself!

Excel Level 1 – Introduction

This one-day Excel training class takes you through the basics, introducing you to the Excel interface and then getting into worksheet features to help you become more comfortable using the program. You will be able to create worksheets, use basic formulas and functions and learn to format your data. This course features units on:

I. Excel Basics
II. Worksheets
III. Formatting
IV. Manipulating Data
V. Protecting Data
VI. Basic Importing
VII. Options


Excel Level 2 – Intermediate

This one-day Excel training class assumes you have a basic knowledge of the program and covers more advanced topics in customization, named ranges and tables. You will learn advanced formatting techniques and data visualization using charts and graphics while ending the class with an introduction to PivotTables. This course features units on:

I. Customizing Excel
II. Managing Worksheets
III. Named Ranges
IV. Tables
V. Advanced Formatting and Graphics
VI. Charting
VII. Intro to Pivot Tables


Excel Level 3 – Functions & Formulas

This one-day Excel training class provides an in-depth and hands-on experience using Excel’s more advanced functions and formulas to perform complex calculations. Data manipulation is a key competency today making this level a must-take for any Excel user. This course features units on:

I. Logical and Lookup Functions
II. Date and Time Functions
III. Text Functions
IV. Reference Functions
V. Statistical and Financial Functions
VI. Advanced Formulas
VII. Summarizing Data


Excel Level 4 – Macros & Advanced Features

This one-day Excel training class teaches advanced tools and techniques to help perform more complex tasks in Microsoft Excel like creating macros, using what-if analysis, and applying data analysis and validation techniques. You will be able to import, export and link your data and create custom lists and views. This course features units on:

I. Introduction to Macros
II. What-if Analysis
III. Data Validation
IV. Advanced Importing, Exporting and Linking
V. Custom Lists and Custom Views
VI. Quick Analysis Features


Excel Level 5 – PivotTables

This one-day Excel training class will help you become an expert in using PivotTables to manipulate and display large data sets. You will learn how to scrub, summarize, and sort your data using advanced techniques inside PivotTables and present it with visually appealing Pivot Charts. This class has become widely popular as data visualization gains steam. This course features units on:

I. PivotTables Basics
II. Drilling Down, Sorting and Grouping
III. Filtering and Slicers
IV. Field and Global Options
V. Report Layout Features
VI. Working with Calculations
VII. Pivot Charts
VIII. Show Commands


Excel Level 6 – Power Pivot

This one-day Excel training class covers the add-in feature, Power Pivot, which is used to perform complex data analysis and create stunning data models. You will be able to wrangle multiple and large data sets from different sources and quickly execute sophisticated data analysis that can be shared. This course features units on:

I. Power Pivot Data Model
II. Relationships Between Data Tables
III. Shaping the Data Model with Data Analysis Expressions Functions (DAX)
IV. Data Tables
V. Time Intelligence


Excel Level 7 – VBA (Visual Basic Introduction)

This two-day advanced Excel training class teaches the foundational skills in Microsoft’s programming language for Excel. You will learn how to take complex and time-consuming tasks and automate them with code. As far as coding languages go, VBA is one of the easier languages to learn and should be known by those in or seeking a role in data science. This course features units on:

I. Introduction to Visual Basic for Applications
II. Reviewing Macros
III. Excel VBA Programming Fundamentals
IV. Modules, Procedures and Functions
V. Decision and Control Structures
VI. Arrays, PivotTables, and Screen Refresh
VII. Debugging Code
VIII. Error Resolution
IX. UserForms


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