OJT stands for On-the-Job-Training. Originally, OJT meant one-to-one or one-to-many training at a job site, delivered by a person knowledgeable (subject-matter-expert) in the task at hand owning special skills and knowledge required to do a task correctly.  In this sense, OJT is highly specialized and involves a highly-customized approach to training concentrated on unique business products and processes.

OJT is achieved through step-by-step procedures/instructions, video on demand, e-learning, classroom presentations, and more. OJT includes both intellectual data transfers, and very important practical skills, hands-on activity.

OJT is normally inexpensive, is easy to arrange, and is very realistic. However, since OJT typically takes place in a real production environment, it can take the trainer and materials out of production for the duration of the training time.

Also, since OJT involves an inexperienced worker, there may be other safety or production factors involved.

Over time, this highly specialized meaning of OJT, discussed above, has evolved to where OJT is thought of as any training you receive while at work (while on-the-job), in contrast to the type of training you might receive on your own time by attending classes at a university or trade school.

In our research, we’ve found that many of the kinds of training Americans need for the 21st-century economy come from trade schools and community colleges, so we include external training resources in our OJT Business Directory.

OJT.com brings you some of the most up-to-date training techniques and information to enhance your company’s performance.  On-the-Job-Training provides proven quality metrics to enhance yields, shorten product-to-market cycles, and reduce material defects.

The effect is to increase your competitive edge in the marketplace and satisfy investors.

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