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Training Center Training Center Learning Center is powered by our Chief Partners HiUp and Olive Group (both Founded in 2006). They provide a fully integrated range of workforce development services now available to our users.

Olive Group supports fortune 500 clients, trade associations, training providers and recruitment agencies in America, Europe and Australia to be more profitable, by saving money on training costs and often to generate new revenue streams.

Olive Group employs over 700 people across 12 countries, one of the largest digital content providers globally.  They have developed their own suite of eLearning platforms using the latest technologies including virtual reality and artificial intelligence. These training technologies are highly sought after by the aeronautical and military industries among many more. They have trained more than two million people across the world in 27 languages.

The company transforms businesses and peoples’ lives and is on a mission with to make learning universally available by providing the highest-quality learning solutions at the lowest cost.

Partnership Definition

Olive Group is an expert in developing and delivering scalable training solutions. The joining of the organisations is a relationship that brings support to the entire OJT vocational training market in the USA. Our goals are strategically aligned to make good education and training universally available and affordable to all enterprises in America such as our main pillars offering OJT opportunities:

  • Military
  • Unions
  • JATCs
  • Career Centers
  • Labor and Trade Associations
  • Workforce Development Agencies
  • Local, State, and Federal Government Agencies
  • Educational Institutes focused on Career Pathway Development
  • Companies seeking support for Apprenticeship & Internship Programming

Resulting in training products and services capable to provides happy family sustainable career pathways and OJT opportunities for our career seekers. Earn while you learn is the way to go!

Partnership Mission

Making a difference in peoples lives with the power of training and building the OJT Industry. To empower employers and enterprises with tools to manage the success of their workforce development process. To ensure all career pathway development roadmaps and tools are available to educators, enterprises, and training developers. To present a career pathway for our youth with resolve in filling the US Job Skills Gap by 2040.

Marketplace Structure

The marketplace in the US is immature for Apprenticeship Delivery, with multiple variations of delivery models and regulation per state. We are providing a support service to apprentices find opportunities, employers recruit and find training partners and training providers with a system for deployment and an ecosystem of stakeholders. America added over 650,000 apprentices to Her workforce as of 2016.  Hurray to the commitment established through our dedicated enterprise network of companies, unions, and other vital economic pillars.

Our LMS Value Statement 

Our end-to-end system provides a one-stop-shop for apprentices, employers, administrators, and training providers to deliver high-quality, compliant and valuable training programs.

We are evaluating companies who could benefit from a new Learning Management System (LMS), and depending on their qualifications, may be eligible to deploy our LMS at no cost.

Training Center is proud to partner with Learning Centers providers, providing a platform to extend the reach and impact of each individual organization. We also offer access to a suite of certifiable training programs to enhance the experience of their constituents. Contact us today to learn more!


We get the workforce of the future prepared for success while assisting in securing On-the-Job Training partnerships.