19 July

What do Accountants in Washington Do? Accounting is a systematic measurement, processing, and communication of financial and non-financial transactions that deal with economic entities. Those economic entities are typically comprised of businesses and corporations. Proper accounting is hugely important for any business to function adequately. It can be done by a bookkeeper or an accountant […]

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02 July

TOP 4 APPRENTICESHIP PROGRAMS IN WASHINGTON STATE There is a great need for skilled workers in the State of Washington, plain and simple;  Washington manufactures the same number of skilled workers today as it did in the year 2009. Apprenticeships are excellent opportunities for both employees and employers.  It allows trainees to earn a wage […]

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29 June

Bridging the Skills Gap In the State of Washington The statistics are out there and the results are in: the state of Washington is facing a skills gap. This doesn’t only pose an economic risk for the here and now, but the future for the sate as well. Among Major Occupational Groups requiring a mid-level […]

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