27 May

Bridging America’s Skilled Labor Gap With On-The-Job-Training Two and a half years ago, I traded in my suit and tie for a hard hat and steel-toed boots. This has proven to be one of the top two best career decisions I’ve ever made. And little did I know, that I was helping to bridge skilled […]

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26 April

Did You Know You Can Use Your GI Bill for On-the-Job Training Programs? If you’re reading this I’d say it’s safe to assume you are or were involved in some branch of the US Military, as I was. I am a Veteran of the US Air Force and was deployed during the Cold War. Most […]

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07 April

A Tale of a Mans Experience with On-The-Job Training in Cell Phone Repair Yes! I just signed the Letter of Employment with Company X. The manager assured me that it is ok that I do not have experience with mobile phone repair. He already arranged for someone who has many years of experience to train […]

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