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What is a Laborer?

In construction, Laborers are often the first craft worker to arrive on a project and the last to leave. Duties performed involve heavy highway (asphalt placement), traffic control, building construction, (site preparation, concrete placement, material stocking, cleanup), scaffold building, demolition, environmental remediation, underground utilities and tunnel and shaft construction. Using tools such as shovels, picks, rakes, brooms, wheelbarrows, gas, or diesel powered compacting equipment & buggies. Working conditions will vary according to the weather and the type of work performed at heights, in trenches, or sometimes underground.



What is required to apply?

  • Must be at least 18 years old

  • Copy of Birth certificate

  • Copy of valid U.S. picture I.D.

  • Copy of High School Diploma, or equivalent



About Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship is the relation between an employer and an apprentice employee during which the apprentice learns a specific trade. An apprentice who completes the term of apprenticeship is granted the privileges of journey worker status. By entering a trade through an apprenticeship program, one receives the benefits of employment, education, and often, union membership. It is important to mention that apprenticeship graduates tend to work more steadily, learn the trade faster, work safer and are more likely to hold supervisory positions.


Responsibilities of an Apprentice

1. To diligently and faithfully perform the work of the occupation, respecting the property of the Employer. Develop safe working habits, abide by the working rules to ensure their own safety, as well as that of their fellow workers.

2. To abide by the Standards/Procedures and Policies as established by the Training Committee.

3. To regularly attend and satisfactorily complete the required related instruction of 320 ours of classroom/hands on instruction.

4. To cooperate in and successfully pass any required drug test and remain drug free at all times while at school and work.

5. Turn in progress log monthly.


What is the Application Procedure

  • Applications will be available during set periods.

  • Attend & take the New Entrant Exam

  • Participate in an Oral Interview

Getting Accepted

You will be scored according to your application, exam and interview. This score will be integrated into the existing list of applicants. As we need Apprentices, we invite those who have scored above 70. They will attend an 80 hr (2 week) craft orientation before they will be placed on the out of work list.





Laborers Local 872 exists because of its members. Workplace safety and quality construction are constantly at the forefront of all Union activities. Members of Local 872 are constantly building Las Vegas and benefiting the community. We advocate for public policy issues that increase economic development and create jobs across the community. After more than 100 years of fighting for workers and forging the highways, buildings and public services that shape America and Canada today, Local 872 is part of a  500,000 members strong effort to keep improving the lives of workers.

Local 872 is building Las Vegas and keeping it running. We are a progressive, aggressive, and diverse union of trained construction workers and public service employees, and we use our collective power to solve the problems that workers, employers, and policymakers can’t solve alone. We fight to create opportunities for the industries that build all of the U.S. and Canada’s infrastructure; to provide training, fair wages, and the protections that workers need to lift themselves and their families into the middle class; and to inform and engage policymakers to support growth. We are powerful allies with more than 100 years of history, and a clear vision for how to keep moving forward.


Is Your Workforce Prepared to Compete in the 21st Century?
…Maximize Your Workforce Potential

Employers experience benefits in two categories: economic and intrinsic. The economic benefits come from the apprentice rate of pay (usually starts at 50% of journeyman pay scale). While gaining experience and knowledge apprentices are paid at their skill level. Plus, ensuring your apprentices get both on the job and classroom training you’ll develop the most competent, skilled and efficient laborer possible. Allowing you to bid more jobs and be confident your team can accomplish any task. Reduced turnover because apprentices know that contractor’s value trained laborers which improves worker morale.

The intrinsic benefits are many. Overall, apprentices in Laborers’ 872 apprenticeship training programs know they have jobs in the future. By working for union contractors who value lifelong learning, apprentices become invested in improving their skills and in achieving a Certificate of Completion which is a nationally recognized credential. Apprentices not only learn the techniques of the occupation, they also understand why they do what they do. They become good problem solvers, work better as team members and demonstrate better interpersonal skills. Apprentices become skilled, motivated craft workers with a strong work ethic who are well versed in company policy. They average better attendance, possess the latest technological skills, fill critical needs for skilled workers in the face of retirements and the need to be highly productive with a reduced workforce. Apprentices become skilled workers, flexible and productive, who are dedicated to their craft which is a win/win for the contractor and union.

Benefits of Training Apprentices

As a contractor you want to be prepared to compete in the 21st Century. By training apprentices you will gain
employees who will make a contribution to your bottom line. Apprenticeship training is a key investment in your company’s future that leads to greater productivity and competency. Following are some of the key benefits of training apprentices:

Apprenticeship equals trained employees. By combining on-the-job training with classroom instruction,
apprenticeship provides an employer with fully-trained employees. It creates better skilled workers for your
company by providing skill training and job-related theory to meet your company’s needs. Participating in an
apprenticeship program ensures that you will have employees that are trained to industry standards, as well as to your company’s. apprenticeship program ensures that you will have employees that are trained to industry standards, as well as to your company’s.

Apprenticeship means fewer turnovers. Invest in apprentices and invest in your future. When you commit to
training your workforce, you will see employee motivation increase, improvements in overall work ethics and
increased employee loyalty. Training apprentices in your business creates skilled and experienced employees,
many of whom will stay with you for the long term.

Apprenticeship saves you money. Apprentices attend classes and receive certifications and licenses required by insurance company’s ’to perform their job. The program includes both classroom and on-the-job training, so apprentices will be producing for you while they learn. The result is employees ready to contribute to your bottom line.

Apprenticeship improves productivity. The completion of an apprenticeship program results in highly trained professionals who contribute noticeably to your bottom line and ensures a high level of quality production. Their knowledge, skills, and on the job experience enables them to develop a thorough understanding of your business needs and how best to meet them.

Apprenticeship helps you provide career opportunities. Laborers local 872 apprenticeship program is the best way to train qualified individuals by providing career opportunities and trained people in your industry. This means you will have trained employees when you need them. It will also raise the overall status of your industry.

Apprenticeship helps you plan for the future. As the number of people turning sixty-five, fueled by the aging of
the “Baby Boomer” generation surpasses the number of people turning eighteen due to low birth rates and slowing migration patterns, we will soon be facing a significant labor shortage. Consequently, the number of workers entering the labor force will not be sufficient to replace those ending their working careers. By using Laborers 872 apprenticeship program you can plan for future skills requirements ensuring that the skills critical to your company’s success are not lost while maintaining a pool of experienced laborers of different ages within your company.

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