OJT.com is endeavoring to fill America’s widening skilled labor gap by up-skilling our country’s workforce from coast-to-coast. Building strategic partnerships to provide innovative workforce development and vocational education opportunities to on-the-job-training stakeholders nationwide. Creating career pathways for our Nation’s most vital and in-demand occupations.

Featuring a robust directory of over 150,000 on-the-job-training listings to vocational education and apprenticeship program providers nationwide. A proprietary Learning Center with over 200 online training programs. And the most comprehensive library of on-the-job-training articles in the world. OJT.com is the hub of the on-the-job-training community, bridging the gap between career seekers and employers from coast-to-coast.

With over 20 years of experience as an online training provider, OJT.com is the country’s premiere destination for strategic on-the-job-training program development and apprenticeship program management. The innovative OJT Career Pathways Initiative is a forward-thinking program that is setting the benchmark for P3 partnerships within higher education career development and vocational education. Contact us today to learn more!

National Training Registry

At OJT.com we connect occupations with relevant training providers across all 50 states and the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.).

We do this through a national registry that associates occupations with the schools and apprenticeship sponsors that provide training for those occupations.

Training Certification

Employers, corporate training departments, and individuals use OJT.com as their primary destination to search for occupational training. These training programs provide certification for new and existing employees.

Occupational Opportunities

At OJT.com we identify occupational opportunities that have the greatest size and growth projected over the next several years.

We identify the largest industries and occupational opportunities in each state.

We also identify the largest and fastest-growing occupations in 21 industrial supersectors and 127 industrial sectors.

We highlight the states and metropolitan areas that exhibit the highest concentration of these large and fast-growing industry-specific occupations.

OJT.com strives to become your one-stop-shop training portal to fulfill many of your training necessities.


We get the workforce of the future prepared for success while assisting in securing On-the-Job Training partnerships.