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OJT stands for On-the-Job-Training. Originally, OJT meant one-to-one or one-to-many training at a job site, delivered by a person knowledgeable (subject-matter-expert) in the task at hand owning special skills and knowledge required to do a task correctly.  In this sense, OJT is highly specialized and involves a highly-customized approach to training concentrated on unique business products and processes.

OJT is achieved through step-by-step procedures/instructions, video on demand, e-learning, classroom presentations, and more. OJT includes both intellectual data transfers, and very important practical skills, hands-on activity.

OJT is normally inexpensive, is easy to arrange, and is very realistic. However, since OJT typically takes place in a real production environment, it can take the trainer and materials out of production for the duration of the training time.

Also, since OJT involves an inexperienced worker, there may be other safety or production factors involved.

Over time, this highly specialized meaning of OJT, discussed above, has evolved to where OJT is thought of as any training you receive while at work (while on-the-job), in contrast to the type of training you might receive on your own time by attending classes at a university or trade school.

In our research, we’ve found that many of the kinds of training Americans need for the 21st-century economy come from trade schools and community colleges, so we include external training resources in our OJT Business Directory. brings you some of the most up-to-date training techniques and information to enhance your company’s performance.  On-the-Job-Training provides proven quality metrics to enhance yields, shorten product-to-market cycles, and reduce material defects.

The effect is to increase your competitive edge in the marketplace and satisfy investors.

We invite all trainers, training consultants, industry experts, and training businesses to submit training to be posted on Blogs at for national exposure.


The resurgence in American industrial and manufacturing prowess owes its success to the adoption of new equipment and process technologies that can effectively compete with low cost manufacturing factories elsewhere.

Jobs in these new factories require new specialized skills that did not exist in the old economy. It is OJT’s passion to re-train the existing American workforce, and train new entries into the American workforce, for the skills required in the new economy. Re-training America’s workforce for the new economy is OJT’s number one priority.

The partners at are seasoned technical training and documentation business owners that experienced firsthand the effect that job outsourcing had on American businesses, and we are passionate about swinging the pendulum back into America’s favor. We feel that the federal administration shares this passion and will help to create an environment that facilitates our success and your success.

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In the digital age, many companies have converted their paper-trail-based process to a digital-trail-based process. OJT trainers can help your employees not only understand the new digital-based process, but for those not entirely accustomed to digital-age tools, how to use computers to more effectively get their jobs done.

Many of yesterday’s manufacturing jobs can now be effectively performed by machines. However, these machines need to be programmed, operated, troubleshot, and repaired. Workers with knowledge of a product and how it was built manually can provide a good basis for understanding how to program robots to automate the process they used to do manually.

OJT trainers can train these workers in the skills to program, operate, troubleshoot, and repair the robots.

The products built by today’s workers involve entirely new sets of materials and processes than those built in yesterday’s economy. Whatever the situation, OJT trainers can help today’s workers develop the skills to be successful.

Our approach is to identify specific On-the-Job Training needs for the new economy and fulfill those training needs by matching them up with appropriate training services.

Current events regarding the training industry can be found in our Blog section. We invite bloggers to submit articles for national exposure.

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National Training Registry

At we connect occupations with relevant training providers across all 50 states and the District of Columbia (Washington D.C.).

We do this through a national registry that associates occupations with the schools and apprenticeship sponsors that provide training for those occupations.

Training Certification

Employers, corporate training departments, and individuals use as their primary destination to search for occupational training. These training programs provide certification for new and existing employees.

Occupational Opportunities

At we identify occupational opportunities that have the greatest size and growth projected over the next several years.

We identify the largest industries and occupational opportunities in each state.

We also identify the largest and fastest growing occupations in 21 industrial supersectors and 107 industrial sectors.

We highlight the states and metropolitan areas that exhibit the highest concentration of these large and fast growing industry-specific occupations. strives to become your one-stop-shop training portal to fulfill many of your training necessities.

Training Providers Lookup Directory

Use the occupation and location search widgets above to find schools and apprenticeship sponsors that provide training for any of the approximately 1,000 standard occupations in the US economy.

The occupation search widget categorizes occupations into occupation families and occupation groups.

To navigate to a specific occupation, specify it’s occupation family and occupation group. You can perform a search for any occupation family, occupation group, or occupation.

To narrow your search to schools or apprenticeships, click the appropriate radio button.

Use the location search widget to narrow your search to a state or city. You can search across the entire nation if you do not specify a state or city.

  1. Click on the OCCUPATION FAMILY drop-down list and select an occupation family. The occupation groups for the selected occupation family populate the OCCUPATION GROUP drop-down list.
  2. Click on the OCCUPATION GROUP drop-down list and select an occupation group. The occupations in the selected occupation group populate the OCCUPATION drop-down list.
  3. Click on the OCCUPATION drop-down list and select an occupation.
  4. Click on the CHOOSE STATE drop-down list to limit your search to a specific state. The cities for the selected state that have training providers for the selected occupation populates the CHOOSE CITY drop-down list.
  5. Click the CHOOSE CITY drop-down list to narrow your search to a specific city.

Note: you can narrow your search criteria from the search results page.

We recommend that you play around a little bit with your search criteria to get a feel for how to use the search widgets most effectively.

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Why Why Use

At we want to bring jobs together with people all across America. We do this through a national registry of training companies that focus on the skills required for jobs in the 21st century.

Each state in America maintains their own job-related website, which includes a variety of different training resources. Each state’s website looks different, works different, and in many cases requires a separate account to have full access to the state’s job and training resources. The “silo” nature of state training resources makes it difficult for individuals who want to research and pursue opportunities across all 50 states.

At, we take a more integrated nationwide approach, whereby we provide a single interface to training resources across the nation. We’ve aggregated the top training resources across America’s 50 states while focusing on those training resources oriented around 21st century jobs and the resurgent manufacturing sector of the economy.

We focus on private training institutions as well as training institutions that have attained state accreditation on each state’s Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL), as mandated by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

At, we match up training service providers with the specific areas of innovation and opportunity (jobs) identified by the states. We conducted the type of analysis that any worker in the country can use to determine where in the country they want to go for work, and the training service providers they can use to get the training they need.

OJT researches and analyzes American industries of today and tomorrow to assess their training needs, and to find the training services that are available to meet those needs. In many cases our analysis identifies training requirements for which there are existing training services readily available, in which case we serve to marry up the training requirements with the training service provider. In other cases, we may identify a current or future training need for which there are no known training service providers available to satisfy that need. In these cases, we work with the training service providers to help define, develop and deliver these training services.

OJT works with a variety of data based organizations to identify the current and future industries needing training the most. We also work at the federal, state, and regional government levels, including the SBA, to focus on the areas needing training the most.

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