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Training and Promotion

We love all things learning. We want you and your workers to love it – or at least really, really enjoy it. However, a move from classroom training to digital learning will often require a push to succeed. In order to change behaviour you will often
need to engage with staff and effectively communicate about your new programmes.

Yes You Can

We have helped large multinationals and small independents communicate the right message to drive behavioural change and make their new learning platforms a success. Our experienced Learning & Development and Marketing professionals help design campaign that typically involve emails, posters, ebooks, newscasts, handouts and much more.

Every little helps

We have successfully rolled out campaigns of this kind for leading brands. An example includes Tesco. Through a series of newscasts, email campaigns and content marketing we successfully educated Tesco Sub Contractors and their employees on the importance of training and maintaining a safe working environment.

To date over 11,000 people have completed the courses.

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