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Desirable Occupations For Current And Future Career Seekers

Statistical Information on Current Occupations and their Projected Outcomes through the Year 2026

Are you in the midst of deciding on what career path to choose? Are you overcoming a job transition by seeking a new career path that will offer you long-term career satisfaction and enjoyment? Well, I suggest looking at the following information that we’ve compiled specifically for you!

The information you will find on this page pertains to approximately 570 different occupations. We’ve grouped the occupations based on their Occupational code to keep everything organized for you. So if you know precisely what occupation you want to find information about, you’ll find it grouped with its other relevant occupations based on the first 2 numbers of the occupation code.

To discover more about occupational codes and how they’re associated with certain occupations, click here.

For every occupation we have listed, you’ll find values associated with them. Firstly, you’ll see the title of the occupation with its corresponding occupation code to the right of it. The following information associated with that occupation is what we refer to as its “Desirability Index.” The Desirability Index simply ranks each occupation on the sum of their growth ranking, occupational openings ranking, and salary ranking.

They have projected values for the year 2026, and all have their own OJT requirements based on their occupation, which we also identify in the last column. All important elements to help determine whats the right career path best for your future.

How the Following Information is Presented for Career Seekers of Today and those Joining the Workforce of the Future

As I mentioned previously, we’ve grouped all occupations based on their occupational code. So, you’ll find the desirability index for each occupation appear to be inconsistent due to the grouping but they still appear in descending order. For example, the first occupation we have listed is “Personal financial advisors” and it has a desirability index of “1” as we’ve ascertained this to be the most desirable occupation in the year 2026.

You’ll find the second-ranked occupation as “Construction Managers” by scrolling down the list because that occupation has a different code. Within each table, you are also given the ability to restructure the format of the data by clicking the arrow next to each heading title.

Ok, now that you’ve gotten an understanding of how and why we’ve curated this list of occupations, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of this page and see if we can help you determine the right occupation for you!

Agents, Analysts, Adjustors, and Advisors

[table id=1 /]

Construction Managers

[table id=3 /]

Physicians, Dentists, Anesthesiologists, and Pharmacy Technicians

[table id=4 /]

Plumbers, Pipefitters, and Steamfitters

[table id=5 /]

Healthcare Workers, Marriage, and Family Therapists, and Probation Officers

[table id=9 /]

Psychologists, Forensic Science Technicians, and Industrial-Organizational Psychologists

[table id=10 /]

Electrical Power-Line Installers, HVAC, and Medical Equipment Repairers

[table id=11 /]

Sales Representatives, Telemarketers, Insurance Sales, and Real Estate Sales Agents

[table id=16 /]

Police, Firefighters, Security guards, Lifeguards, and Bailiffs

[table id=17 /]

Medical Secretaries, Police, Fire, and Ambulance Dispatchers, Meter Readers, Hotel, Motel, and Resort Desk Clerks

[table id=20 /]

Dietitians and Nutritionists

[table id=21 /]

Technical Writers, Fine Artists, Photographers, and Floral Designers

[table id=22 /]


[table id=23 /]

Flight Attendants, Airline Pilots, Motor Vehicle Operators, and Transportation Attendants

[table id=26 /]

Morticians, Funeral Attendants, Embalmers, Gaming Dealers

[table id=29 /]

Sheet Metal Workers, Insulation Workers, Plasterers, and Stucco Masons

[table id=28 /]

Surveyors, Architects, Landscape Architects

[table id=27 /]

Production Workers, Machinery Operators, Construction, Chemical Plant Workers, Operators, and Tenders

[table id=25 /]

Home Health Aides, Veterinary Assistants, Psychiatric Aides, and Pharmacy Aides

[table id=24 /]

Food and Beverage Workers

[table id=18 /]

Landscaping and Building Maintenance Workers

[table id=15 /]

Court Administration and Judges

[table id=14 /]

Equipment Repairers and Helpers

[table id=13 /]

Advertising Sales, Rental Clerks, and Change Cashiers

[table id=12 /]

Agricultural, Livestock, and Forest Workers

[table id=8 /]

Order Clerks

[table id=7 /]

Nuclear Technicians

[table id=6 /]