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Be a part of something larger than yourself. Joining a union is a proven strategy for getting the most out of your career. Boilermakers Local 549, based in Pittsburg, CA, is a union in the industrial construction field representing specialized craftsmen. By offering a quality apprenticeship program, we have remained one of the leading names in our industry. As a union, we are dedicated to standing up for workers’ rights and fair living wages for union members. Boilermaker Local 549 members are contracted in a wide variety of facilities and work sites that require high-pressure welding and calculated precision rigging. In places such as refineries, shipyards, fabrication shops, and power plants, including nuclear. Just to name a few. Contact us today to become a part of the brotherhood. We’re always seeking applicants with a mechanical mentality, welding skills, and a creative mindset.

Equal Opportunity Pledge

The Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program and the Western State Joint Apprenticeship Program will not discriminate against apprenticeship applicants or apprentices based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, age, genetic information, or because they are an individual with a disability. The Boilermakers National Apprenticeship Program and the Western States Joint Apprenticeship Program will take affirmative action to provide equal opportunity in apprenticeship and will operate the apprenticeship program as required under Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations, part 30.

Boilermaker Apprenticeship Sign-Ups

Apprenticeship applications are given out every day of the business week. To receive an application, you must present photo identification. A birth certificate and high school diploma will be needed during the process but are not mandatory when picking up the application. The contact person for applications is Randy Thomas. He can be contacted at (925) 427-0826, or send an email to:

Helmets to Hardhats

Veterans have given up part of their lives to protect our country. For this reason, we are passionate about supporting our Veterans reintegrate into our communities. We’re proud to participate in the Helmets to Hardhats program, which helps Veterans transition into the building trades industry. We contribute by teaching Veterans soft skills that help them advance in their fields.

About Us

Boilermakers Local 549 was formed following the merger of Local 749 in Stockton and Local 513 in Richmond. This Locals’ charter was established on October 28, 1983 — and we have been operating ever since. We are proud to be part of an international industrial brotherhood of craftsmen. The training we offer is the same from coast to coast, meaning all members are tested under the same parameters. Additionally, our dispatching system functions across the entire United States.


Amwell is a great option for fast, easy, and secure healthcare from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else for that matter! The Boilermakers National Health & Welfare Fund telehealth benefit allows individuals to have FREE electronic video visits with Amwell’s online providers, who are available 24/7, by using the web or mobile app.

With Amwell, you get an alternative to the traditional office visit or the long wait at an urgent care facility. This benefit allows:


  • FREE office visits for minor illness and counseling 24/7 from your smartphone or computer. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, please anticipate longer than usual wait times.
  • Access to healthcare, such as COVID-19 risk assessments, depression, anxiety, flu, colds, rashes, allergies, infections, and more!
  • Prescriptions (when appropriate) or referrals when needed.
  • FREE enrollment. Visit WWW.AMWELL.COM or download the app from the app store (iPhone) or google play (Android). Use SERVICE KEY “BOILERMAKERS” to ensure your visit is FREE. Check our website WWW.BNF-KC.COM for detailed instructions on enrollment (also attached to this email).



How to recognize scams and what to do about it.

Unfortunately, we are becoming more aware of vaccine scammers trying to take advantage of vulnerable people during the pandemic.

Common scams include fraudulent businesses or people offering to sell COVID-19 vaccines through the internet, emails, phone calls or even home visits.

Seniors or older adults are often targeted, with scammers preying on their fear of the virus.

Scams can be avoided! Here are some tips for recognizing scams, and information on how to report them.

Please help keep an eye out for anyone you know who is vulnerable, and share this information.

COVID-19 vaccines are free. Be suspicious of anyone selling vaccines or charging for vaccination, period.
You can’t pay to get on a vaccine list or to get early access. These offers are scams.
To get vaccinated, work only with your familiar, trusted medical provider. Do not order or sign-up for a vaccine advertised on any websites or from any emails that aren’t your familiar provider.
Do not give your Medicare number, social security number, credit card or bank account information to anyone offering to help you get a vaccination.
Medicare will never call you asking for your Medicare or Social Security number.
Beware of anyone unfamiliar offering you any other COVID-19 related treatments, medicines, contact tracing services, hospice care or other services or products.  Work only with your familiar, trusted medical provider.
If you are an undocumented resident, beware of anyone calling, emailing or reaching out to say they can get you a vaccine for payment. Legitimate vaccines are free for people of any immigration or health insurance status.
Be wary of organizations calling or emailing you asking for donations for victims of COVID-19, even if they have legitimate sounding names. Check all organizations on Charity Navigator, which has an easy online tool that reviews charities.
If you are confused by any offers related to COVID-19, do not take any action! Hang up the phone. Shut the door. Don’t answer the email. Reach out to a friend or family member if you feel you need help understanding the communication.
Report scams to the California Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) at 1-855-613-7080.
Suspicious offers or solicitations should also be reported to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Consumer Fraud hotline, by calling (925) 957-8608, or emailing
Click here for excellent information on vaccine fraud from the California Senior Medicare Patrol, a grant-funded national organization staffed by many volunteers that is taking the lead on fighting COVID-19 scams and the elderly.

Click here for COVID-19 fraud information from the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Consumer Protection Unit.

It’s unconscionable that people are trying to take advantage of others, especially vulnerable seniors, during this pandemic. We need to stop them, and help protect each other!

More information:

Boilermaker Apprenticeships

In today’s world, it is essential to have someone who looks after your rights as a worker. By joining our union, you gain the support of leading professionals in the industry. We believe labor laws are important, and we stand up for workers’ rights. At Boilermakers Local 549, we are committed to the towns and cities of our area. Our team is dedicated to finding local people to take part in our apprenticeship program. By supporting our fellow citizens, we strengthen our entire local community.


Our Training & Apprenticeship Program

Discover how fulfilling it is to learn a new hands-on skill. Boilermakers Local 549 offers outstanding training that is aimed at increasing craftsmanship. All of our training is offered in-house and is accessible for newcomers to the industry. If there is a training course that interests you that we don’t offer, we’ll happily point you in the right direction — we are dedicated to helping in any way we can. Check out the wide range of skills that you can learn from our welding and boilermaker apprenticeships:

  • Industrial Welding
  • Specialty Welding
  • Rigging
  • Heavy-Duty Equipment Operations
  • Routine Maintenance
  • Steelworks

Earn While You Learn

Throughout the course of our apprenticeship, we cover the classroom, shop, and on-the-job training. It is important for us to offer an affordable option for our members, as well as a reliable way to earn a living wage in your area. We understand that a four-year college degree is expensive, which is why we provide a valuable alternative. During our on-the-job training, you’ll increase your skills without sacrificing your bank.


Union Busting

Don’t fall for a company’s tricks to keep the union out. There’s a reason they want to keep the union out: They don’t want to pay for the equal pay, fair treatment and better safety you deserve—and they know that’s what the union will get you.

Here are a few tricks and sweet-talking they’ll try. Stay smart and alert, and remember: YOU are the union. The company looks out for its bottom line.


  • They want you to give them a second chance to make things right. “Wait and see” — this plays to their tactic to convince workers that they’re listening and can take care of your concerns without the need for a third-party union. They may promise to do better, to change their behavior, or even reassign difficult supervisors. The truth is that while they may make some changes initially that are good for workers, after the union organizing stops, they go back to their old ways.
  • They will say, “We’re worried about what might happen to you.” They aren’t really worried about you. They’re worried about themselves.
  • They may start paying more attention to you. Either in an effort to win you over as a worker who can side with them against pro-union workers or to play on your desire to be seen as a good worker. Don’t fall for it. It won’t last.
  • They hire consultants and lawyers. That in itself can be intimidating, and these are pros who get paid very well to keep unions out. Think about it: If they’re willing to pay so much to keep the union out, they must be afraid of the value the union will bring in. TO YOU.
  • They will hold captive audience meetings. Management may require that you attend meetings at your worksite to talk to you about your desire to form a union. Because you are already on the job and management is in control, these gatherings are called “captive audience” meetings. These meetings give management the opportunity to present misleading information about unions while attempting to place management in the best possible light. Management may give false promises about their future behavior towards workers or even threaten some dire action if workers continue their organizing efforts. While captive audience meetings give management an unfair advantage, you are free to assemble outside of work to support organizing efforts.
  • They will claim they had no idea workers were unhappy. Management often claims they didn’t know workers were dissatisfied with working conditions, unfair treatment, repressive policies, lack of pay raises, or lousy benefits. If management truly didn’t know about worker dissatisfaction, then they are out of touch with the workforce. On the other hand, if they were aware that workers were upset but did nothing to address the situation, it shows they were indifferent to their own employees.
  • They will claim the union is only after money, and that the company doesn’t need a third party to make sure workers are paid and treated fairly. Management often uses the argument that the union is a third party that comes between the company and their employees. Management may also argue that unions are only after dues money. The truth is that a union is not some far-away entity; the workers themselves are the union. It is you and your fellow workers who elect your local officers, vote on local bylaws, choose the bargaining committee to negotiate with the employer, and run day-to-day operations. The International union provides the guidance, the experienced representatives, and the resources to support the local lodge. Dues money is what pays for these services and the operation of the local lodge.
  • They might threaten to shut down the facility. Management may hope to scare you away from organizing with a direct or indirect threat. They may threaten to lay off employees, close the business, or move operations out of the area. Shutting down operations because employees unionize — or even threatening to do so — is against the law. Companies may close for a variety of reasons, including poor management, shifting market needs, or a weak economy. Workers forming a union and having a voice is not one of those reasons.
  • They will hold one-on-one meetings with supervisors. The purpose is to pressure them against pro-union workers or the organizing efforts.
  • They will stall. Management hopes it can stall the election process or, if you win the union election, prolong negotiations for your first contract. Their aim is to cause frustration and impatience so that you finally give up. The National Labor Relations Act requires both parties, the union and the company, to bargain “in good faith.” That means each side must have the intent to reach a contract and not merely go through the motions or endure constant delays to undermine the bargaining process.
  • They will lie. They may tell you things like, “the union will force you to strike.” That’s just not true. In a union, you and your fellow members will vote on how to deal with certain issues. 99% of the time, the Boilermakers solve issues without striking.
  • You should fully expect that they will try to spring some kind of unexpected event or surprise attack. According to the, “These can include a captive-audience meeting with a company executive who flies in from out of town, an unfounded charge about the union, or anything else designed to place doubts in workers’ minds about the union.” Expect it, and plan for it.

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