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We as a nation are struggling to back fill an aging skilled labor force with adequately trained incumbents, particularly within STEM based occupations. The impact of America’s growing skilled labor gap is being felt across every industry, effecting enterprises of every size. This is a challenge of epic proportion, and far too overwhelming for any one enterprise to solve alone. is building strategic partnerships to create sustainable career pathways for our Nation’s most vital and in-demand occupations with our OJT Career Pathways Initiative.

Effectively training, retaining, and up-skilling America’s current labor force is at the core of what is committed to accomplishing. There are approximately 160 million people in the American workforce. Studies have shown that close to 33% of those employed are dissatisfied at work, largely due to a lack of career development and training being provided by their employers. The Training Center is home to a small sample of our digital training programs and can be used to quickly up-skill and certify your current workforce. We are in the process of adding a library of over 100 Microsoft, Adobe, and In-demand Coding online courses – all allowing you to be the architect of your employee’s career development, by curating training courses to meet the specific needs of your enterprise. As part of our Learning Center, we offer on-the-job-training program development. Our team will help you step-by-step to develop, manage & track your on-the-job-training and apprentice programs. Contact us today to learn more about our how our Learning Center can work for you!

Roughly 25% of employees who quit do so within the first 45 days of employment. When also taking into consideration that 1/3rd of the workforce is dissatisfied, a large number of Americans are actively searching for new employment prospects. offers the unique opportunity of engaging with a targeted audience of active career seekers searching for enterprises offering on-the-job-training, vocational education programs, and apprenticeship providers. Our strategically designed selection of marketing and recruiting tools features a customizable directory listing with a job board and keyword word ownership, banner advertisements with back-links to your careers page, and full page sponsorships.

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