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We are keen on meeting the varied training requirements of organizations in the pursuit of their business goals. Over the years, we have worked with many organizations belonging to multiple sectors. Our valuable training programs have equipped employees with the right skill sets that help meet organizational goals.

In our pursuit of excellence aimed at enterprises, we have partnered with organizations such as Olive Media/HiUp, TransZed, Apprenticeships for America and Open 4 Apprenticeship, among others. These partnerships have enhanced our value propositions. We now offer world-class solutions that include training programs, recruitment solutions, induction courses and apprenticeship programs 

Count on OJT for innovative solutions aimed at your company and employees. Our open door policy makes it easier for employees or trainers to discuss their ideas and plans with us. We can then offer you customized training programs which will help you to save cost and time. 

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We get the workforce of the future prepared for success while assisting in securing On-the-Job Training partnerships.