Certification that matters! 

Employers, corporate training departments and individuals use OJT as their primary destination to search for occupational training. Count on our training programs for relevant certifications aimed at new and existing employees. 

Our employee training certifications help companies keen on upskilling their workforce to meet new challenges at the workplace. The certifications can be used for any of the following purposes:

  • To address the need for performance improvement as raised in appraisals
  • To boost a professional development program
  • To help an employee as part of a succession plan
  • To train about a specific topic

Our certifications have been endorsed by experts from various sectors across the USA and validated by relevant regulatory bodies. We offer different levels of certification to meet the diverse needs of individuals. Our clients range from budding start-ups to full-fledged corporate firms.  

Interested in our certification programs? Contact us and we’ll provide you insights on the right training program to upskill your workforce. 


We get the workforce of the future prepared for success while assisting in securing On-the-Job Training partnerships.

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