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Blended Learning

Quite often you will want to combine a number of modes of learning to help provide a more comprehensive approach to learning, testing and training. That could be a combination of training via a mobile app with a test in a classroom environment or gamification of learning with a practical assessment at the end..

Digital Training and Testing Facilities

We have extensive experience in the blended learning field, and we can run programmes either on our client’s sites or through our 14,500 sq ft training centre. We have fully qualified staff that can look after practical assessments and examinations as required by our clients. This includes everything from manual handling lifts and forklift testing right through to competency tests for baristas!

An Award Winning Blended Approach

We have won a number of awards for our blended learning programmes in the areas of retail, hospitality and construction. We can help transform your learning to combine elements of training that improve retention rates and reduce overall costs.


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