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CareerStep has been training civilians and military for new, rewarding, careers since 1992…over 140,000 lucky folks. This is why we at take great pride in partnering with CareerStep. An explosion of synergy happens when the nation’s foremost on-the-job-training directory aligns with a premiere online healthcare training provider.

Synergy is described as the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

Which is exactly what you’re about to witness from the collaborative partnership between & Dynamic and innovative opportunities for both Career Seekers and Employers are on the horizon! is combining their advanced on-the-job-training platform, with the integrated healthcare training programs of to amplify their extensive healthcare occupational training opportunities for the most in-demand healthcare careers.

Let’s get you acquainted with and how they’re kick-starting healthcare careers, with a special emphasis on Military Spouses and Veterans.

Do you know what one of the greatest benefits of advances in software technology has been over the past 15 years?
The innovation that has led to major industry disruption, and in some cases even the collapse of entire industry segments. Do you remember when Netflix killed Blockbuster?
Traditional education isn’t for everyone. Given the broad range of curriculums, rigid schedules, duration of degree programs, and student loan debt. Career Seekers need a better way to reskill and upskill themselves.
CareerStep is disrupting traditional education with training that is better, faster, and cheaper. With a hyper-focus preparing students for the most in-demand jobs from coast-to-coast.


See the variety of courses and certification programs designed to prepare Career Seekers for long-term employment in healthcare, administration, and technology. CareerStep’s online certification programs allow their students to earn a certification in as little as three months. Take a look at this lineup!

Healthcare Programs

Dental Assistant
EKG Technician
Health Coach
Hemodialysis Technician
Home Health Aide
Life Coach
Medical Assistant
Mental Health Technician

Nutrition And Personal Trainer
Patient Care Technician
Personal Trainer
Pharmacy Technician
Phlebotomy Technician
Physical Therapy Aide
Substance Abuse Counselor
Veterinary Assistant
Wellness Coach

Health Data Programs

Inpatient Auditing
Inpatient Medical Coding
Medical Billing

Medical Coding And Billing
Medical Scribe By AHDPG
Medical Transcription Editing

Administrative Programs

Executive Assistant
Medical Administrative Assistant
Medical Office Manager
Veterinary Receptionist
Technology Programs
CompTIA Certification Pro

Computer Technician
Healthcare IT Professional
Health IT Security Manager
Microsoft Office 2019
Telehealth Coordinator


CareerStep is a MyCAA approved organization and deeply committed to serving the military community. Having helped over 25,000 members of the military community train for rewarding new careers over the years. Their online format is an excellent fit for the unique challenges and uncertainties that accompany military life.
With CareerStep’s AdvantEDGE support program, participants get a distinct advantage—or edge—in your coursework by receiving one-on-one access to trainers and career advisors. offer you a Career Pathway Discovery Program to supplement this advantage. This added layer of personalized support will get students through the course with ease and confidence. CareerStep offers multiple types of grants…please learn more!


At we believe that closing the skilled-labor gap is paramount to our national economy. We’re not only committed to putting a spotlight on training and apprenticeship programs. But are actively looking to partner with on-the-job-training providers, state-certified training institutes, and apprenticeship programs nationwide. To offer scholarship and sponsorship opportunities to reduce the financial impact for students enrolled in these programs. Our newest Certification will apply to all training courses and qualifying Preferred Partner programs. Huge Note: 5% of all partnership and sponsorship revenue is donated to building unique learning grants for our registered career seeking members.
We’re proud to boast CareerStep as an official Preferred Partner. Career Seekers can access CareerStep’s flexible, streamlined, and real-world training courses here.
Together, we’re bridging the gap between career seekers and employers!
Bridging the skill gap from coast-to-coast!
Step out into the career of your choice with confidence!