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Customise your learning system

Your teams will be trained on your company’s Academy LMS. Aligning with your brand guidelines we will match logos, colour schemes and site url. Combined with engaging content learners will get a feel for your company culture from the very start.

- John Hogan, Tesco

We are very pleased with the quality of the eLearning course developed by Olive Learning and have implemented it on our latest developments.

Plan, communicate and track your training

Easily assign courses and training schedules to individuals or teams. Send reminders to those who have not started or finished training and see who has passed or failed courses.

- Paul Reid, Sony

The most important thing for me as a retailer was to minimise downtime and maximise the level of training I could give to my employees. The Olive Learning online solution provided both.

Powerful learning, made simple

High quality video content ensures learners are more engaged. A simplified layout allows for all staff to quickly take any course. If they are stuck they can click the help button and our 24/7 support team will help them on their way. You can even add additional classroom notes for those who want more info.

- Bill Arundel, Tokheim

We now see the tangible benefit delivered by using video to empower the learning process. This has really helped Tokheim improve our wider service offer.

At home, at work or on the train

Staff can take the course on a tablet, phone, or laptop. Using html5 content, responsive screen layouts and a SCORM compliant mobile player you can implement a learning strategy designed for the modern workplace. The player allows employees to resume the course where they last left it, so they can work at their own pace on any device.

- Brendan Butler, Mercury Engineering

The training can be conducted anywhere. It improves retention of the material, it presents it in a more descriptive way than is possible from inside the context of a classroom.

The Academy Awards

Learners love the Academy and the Academy loves awards. Staff can take or review the course at any time, on any platform, and learn at their own pace. And our approach to shorter video courses versus longer classroom training has landed us some great awards.

- Mo Issa, Academy Learner

Amazing App! User friendly and great training content.

Push that testing to the next level

At the simplest level you can build a question bank from the content and test staff knowledge. However why not truly test your staff’s knowledge through interactive 3-D environments or real-life scenario testing?

- Ian Martin, Chief Executive Noodle Box

We needed media content that would engage with our franchise partners and their teams and “Build a Box” did just that. We have been delighted with the result which has been recognised both internally and by the National Retail Association winning the Innovation Excellence Award.

Recognise their effort and achievement

Your Academy will automatically provide company branded and accredited certificates to your staff on completion of training. It requires little effort from you but makes a big difference in recognising their achievement.

- James McCormack, The Barista School

Those who take our courses are always proud of their Barista School certificate. It's automatically created via the Academy so there's no work for us. It's very simple, but very effective.

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You want more, they want more… We’ll give you more.

We add dozens of new courses each month to the Academy. This helps your staff upskill across a variety of topics. You can purchase new courses for your employees or alternatively learners can buy courses that interest them.

- Michelle Tilley, Byrne Group

It gives them confidence to do their job, and it gives them confidence to know that they are delivering the way the business wants them to deliver.


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