Chef Apprenticeship In New Jersey

Why a Chef Apprenticeship in New Jersey May Be an Awesome Option for You 

The word “chef” originated from the phrase (chef de cuisine) the director or head of a kitchen.

A chef is a trained professional cook who is skilled in all aspects of food preparation and prepares food in a professional setting. Many Chefs often focus on a particular cuisine.

A lot of chefs choose their profession because they simply love food, and cooking gives them great satisfaction.

They get pleasure from eating and enjoying flavorful meals made by their hands that enhance their mood and fill their belly.

While some chefs typically have a prior love for cooking, some grow to love it. This love for food and knowledge of the industry leads them to enjoy successful careers as chefs.

Many people assume that getting an expensive culinary arts degree is the only way to enter the industry, that’s definitely not true!

Did you know that well before the creation of culinary arts schools or culinary arts institutes, all the great chefs came to learn the craft through an apprenticeship?

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About the Chef Apprentice School of the Arts (CASA)

The Chef Apprentice School of the Arts (CASA) believes in you learning from seasoned culinary art professionals and building connections within the industry. This is a great way to launch a career as a chef, a baker or a restaurateur.

The effective way to learn the skills you need to be relevant in today’s job market is by everyday training directly under the professionals who do the work.

Their curriculums are written by experts in the field and are geared towards making the most of the time you spend as an apprentice. Usually at the restaurant or facility where you will train, which will enable you to learn more in less time.

The CASA curriculum is designed specifically to build solid, relevant skills and knowledge of the culinary arts that goes beyond mere fabrication and recipes.

Students meet with their mentors to discuss their career goals and experience prior to beginning their apprenticeships/externships.

Regardless, of whether it’s no more than a keen interest in the craft, years of cooking or previous attendance at other culinary institutions; their structured, comprehensive curriculum makes it feasible. The mentors adjust lessons to suit the student’s unique skills, experience level and goals.

In the World of Food, Diplomas Are Not as Important as Real-World Experience

Getting hired at a reputable restaurant requires experience, but you can only get that experience when you start working.

CASA enables people who want to break into the culinary arts industry by getting them in the door, on day one.

From there on, it’s their job to make the most of it by gaining experience, building connections, and networking; which are great ways for people to obtain future work.

If you’re completely new to the world of cooking, CASA’s structured curriculum can help get you on the fast track to work within the food industry.

Culinary school graduates who are looking to refine their skills, gain real-world know-how or build connections can also thrive in their program as hobbyists, food-industry entrepreneurs or just be foodies. This program is designed for just about anyone who is genuinely passionate about food.

They believe passion is the key ingredient for a successful future in food. If you are seriously dedicated and make the most of the opportunity, you will be successful.

Casa ‘s Mission Is to Help Individuals Achieve Their Goals of Pursuing Careers in the Culinary Arts in the Most Cost-Effective Manner Possible

In the World of Food, Diplomas Are Not as Important as Real-World Experience

CASA believes massive student debt kills dreams and people’s chances of future success.

Even the most famous chefs of history, the founding fathers of the culinary arts such as Antonin Carême, Auguste Escoffier, & Fernand Point never went to culinary school.

Training inside of professional kitchens as the culinary arts school is a relatively new invention.

People previously became chefs by training inside of professional kitchens. Aspiring chefs learned every aspect of cookery by building skills under the direction of working professionals.

While many of the great chefs of today have attended culinary arts school, many others have not.

Gordon Ramsay, Thomas Keller, Mario Batali Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck, Hélène Darroze, Paul Bocuse, Tom Colicchio, and Rick Bayless are just a few famous chefs who either never attended or never completed culinary school.

In the past 10 years, traditional lecture-oriented culinary programs became more expensive and less effective in the quality of education they offer and especially, the number of actual skills their students learn.

This modern-day cooking school is out of step when it comes to getting individuals the skills, connections and practical insight they need to launch their careers.

That’s why CASA’s sensible approach works in accord with the way the culinary arts world actually operates.

They are not lecture-based, but rather conversation and practice-based. Their students learn one-on-one by training directly within the real world of professional cooking and the culinary arts.

The Chef Apprentice School of the Arts makes the most of the effective mentored-apprenticeship method of culinary training reinforced with state-of-the-art curriculums.

These curriculums were written by working members of the profession and geared towards enabling students to gain real-world skills, experience, and the know-how it takes to compete in today’s job market.

What Chefs Look for Today When They Hire Is Solid Skills and Actual Experience, Not Advanced Degrees

The CASA Chef Apprentice School of the Arts makes it feasible for up-and-becoming culinary professionals to get inside a professional restaurant and gain experience while they train for a rewarding career.

Getting their students inside the professional culinary arts world where they can become part of the thriving food community in their area is their serious-minded approach to helping hardworking individuals begin building their futures today, for tomorrow.

In this rapidly changing world, real hands-on experience is all that really matters. Employers don’t care if you have a piece of paper that says you know how to do something.

They only care that you have the experience. The stakes are too high taking chances on newbies. Proven, vetted, experienced individuals are more likely to get the job.

In today’s fast-paced and quickly changing world, actual hands-on experience and solid skills are what matter most to employers.

Experienced individuals with a real-world understanding and the skills to back it up are the people who get and keep jobs.

If you’re serious about building a stellar career in the culinary arts world, CASA will get you right where you need to be to start building that future today.

Application Fees

  • There are no application fees, set-up fees or hidden charges. Before you pay or sign up with their program, you will be able to meet your prospective mentor and interview with them. Also, you’ll tour the restaurant or kitchen where your training will take place.

Do You Need Resturant Experience?

  • The apprenticeship program requires no experience to enroll in the CASA Chef Apprentice School of the Arts.

Requirements And Qualifications:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be able to perform the task given
  • You must be a high school graduate or equivalent (such as having your GED).

Contact Info:

  • Address: Random House Tower, 1745 Broadway #17, New York, NY 10019, USA
  • Phone:  646-583-3270


Ojt Supports Job Training in the Culinary Industry Because We’re a Bunch of Foodies!

Even people who have spent large amounts of money on their schooling must work their way up. For this reason, expensive degrees can limit an individual’s chances of success because they make it hard to climb out of debt. That’s why endorses The Chef Apprentice School of the Arts in New Jersey and hope you continue developing amazing chefs to appease our foodie ambitions!

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