Bob Carel

About Bob Carel

Bob’s career spans 30+ years as content developer for training and technical manuals, and as a business owner.  Bob’s career began as a training evaluator and analyst for military-based classroom training and then as a behavioral task analyst for maintenance procedures on another large weapon system.

Bob’s skill set subsequently led him to work as a content developer on training and technical manuals for a variety of electro-optical-mechanical systems, for all levels of equipment operation and maintenance, before branching out on his own to form TextArt Publications, Inc.  At TextArt Publications, Inc., Bob and his associates published a wide range of documents from Taco Bell intercom systems to submarine-launched nuclear missiles systems for the Navy.

After the downturn in aerospace and another military spending during the early 90s, Bob sold TextArt Publications and spent the last 15+ years of his career developing content, and managing staffs of writers for large enterprise software companies.

As a manager for the enterprise software companies, Bob played a key role in developing and maintaining outsourced documentation teams in India and China. Now, Bob is glad to see that outsourcing seems to have run its course and that jobs are now coming back (or staying) to America.

Throughout Bob’s career in the technical documentation space, he’s applied his background in Organizational Psychology to help understand educational needs and develop educational materials for a wide variety of target audiences.  Bob is especially keen on the training needs of high tech industries, and the unique training challenges new technologies provide for the American worker.

Bob is now focusing his time, as an American patriot and partner with Michael Shay, to use as the vehicle to re-train the American worker so that American business can hire American workers to meet the needs of a resurgent industrial and manufacturing base in America.

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